How Important is Commercial Auto Insurance in Colorado?

Having commercial auto insurance is a must for any business owner that has one or more vehicles used in the day to day business of operating his or her company. For those looking at Colorado commercial insurance, realize that auto insurance is not something to over look even if you do not use your vehicle much. There are several key reasons not to forgo it.

Liability insurance for your vehicle is important. It can help to prevent losses suffered by your company should you or your other employee driver is hurt in an accident. With liability insurance in place, you may be able to reduce some of the risk associated with lawsuits placed on your business as the result of your accident. This could even include lawsuits from lost property, medical bills, or wrongful death. Without coverage, you could find your business is at risk of paying for these costs out of pocket.

Additionally, commercial auto insurance is also the ideal way to protect not just the vehicle itself, but the inventory or equipment you have in it. If you use your vehicle for deliveries and items are stolen or your vehicle with your business's equipment in it is damaged in a fire, you may have protecting with this type of property coverage.

Colorado commercial insurance is available at an affordable rate for your commercial vehicle. Unless your business is able to withstand these risks, it is often best to seek out a Colorado independent agency like ourselves to help you to find affordable rates on top-quality plans. This could help you to see significant improvement in your business's bottom line simply by helping you to reduce financial risks associated with operating a car. Our Colorado commercial insurance agents are happy to help you.

Arvada, CO insurance agents at your door steps

Obtaining insurance that will protect your family and your lifestyle can seem challenging. There are a variety of factors to consider and so many plans are available that you may find it confusing to select a policy. Fortunately, you can hire insurance agents in Arvada, CO to help you find the plan that is best for your goals.

Benefits of an Agent

There are several advantages associated with hiring an agent, including the option to compare a variety of plans without wasting your time or calling several different companies. The agent handles the comparison aspect and provides you with the best plans based on your goals and situation.

Along with the benefit of comparing your options, an agent can answer any questions that arise. You do not need to waste time looking up information, terminology or details when you can ask an agent directly and get an answer in a timely manner.

Selecting a Professional

The decision to hire an agent can seem simple, but you always want to focus on hiring an individual who is knowledgeable, capable and willing to help you reach your particular goals. Talk to an agent before making a decision to ensure that the agent understands your goals and concerns. You want to feel comfortable with the agent before you hire so that you can feel confident in the advice and information that you are provided. Do not work with an agent who makes you feel uncomfortable or who does not seem to recognize your concerns.

Working with an agent is beneficial for any individual, regardless of your goals and preferences. The key is finding an agent who is professional and puts your mind at ease. To learn more, contact us to talk to an agent today.

Compare motorbike insurance coverage options

When you are not sure about the motorbike insurance that is appropriate for your vehicle in Lakewood, CO, you may need to compare a variety of options. Comparing the plans that are available can help you find a policy that addresses all of your concerns and has a reasonable cost.

Meeting the Minimum Standards

Regardless of the insurance provider, you can expect to have several options that offer coverage that meets or exceeds the minimum state standards. The state requires that you purchase liability protection when you ride a motorcycle.

Although the minimum standards are an option, you can add to the coverage if you have specific concerns to address, such as the theft of your motorbike. Many insurers offer the option to add a specific type of coverage to your plan, even if you just want to add one type of coverage to the minimum standards.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

If you want to cover a variety of situations, then a comprehensive policy may be a better choice for your situation. Comprehensive plans will usually offer coverage against common concerns, such as damage from a storm, theft or medical bills after an accident.

You may also want to consider a collision policy, which specifically addresses problems that can arise if you are in an accident while riding your motorbike. The coverage is not usually included in a basic or a comprehensive policy, so it may be necessary to add it to your plan if you want to address the risk of an accident on the road.

There are a variety of situations that can arise when you ride a motorcycle. Your motorbike insurance can help protect you from the financial challenges that can arise after an accident. Contact us to learn more about your policy options today.

Discounts available for boat insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO

Finding ways to save money on your boat insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO can be a useful way to get the coverage that you want for an affordable price. In many cases, discounts can help you reduce the cost of your coverage so that you can enjoy your boat throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Safety Course Reductions

Many insurance providers will offer discounted rates for individuals who take a safety course and provide proof that the safety course was completed. You should receive a certificate of completion after the course is finished.

A safety course means that you are less likely to get into an accident on the water. When you take the course, you will learn safety precautions and get reminders about the appropriate solutions when an accident takes place so that you can limit the damages and the number of injuries that occur.

Putting in a Fire Suppression System

A fire suppression system is a way to help reduce the risk of fires that take place on the boat. When your boat has the system in place, it is less likely to suffer from severe damages if a fire occurs. That can help reduce your rates and may result in a discount, but every insurer is different and some may not offer discounted rates for the system, so you will need to ask if a discount is available and how much you can expect to save if you are thinking of putting in the system.

There are a variety of ways to save money on your boat insurance. Depending on the actions that you take, the cost of your coverage can dramatically reduce over time. Call today to speak to an agent and learn more about saving on your insurance.

On what grounds can an insurance company deny your claim?

When you file a legitimate claim with your insurance company you should have a reasonable expectation that your claim will be approved. In most situations, your claim will be reviewed and you will receive a fair amount to cover your loss. However, if certain circumstances are present, you may receive a notice telling you that your claim has been denied.

Whether you are talking about auto, home, life, or any other type of insurance policy, your claim can be denied if you made a material misrepresentation on your application when you were trying to get coverage. Fraud, deception and an outright lie are all legitimate reasons for denying a claim. For instance, saying that you are a non-smoker when you have been smoking two packs of cigarettes a day for the last 10 years, is a deliberate act of deception. If you die of lung cancer a few years later, your beneficiaries may have a very difficult time trying to collect on your life insurance policy.

Your claim may also be denied if you commit an intentional act that causes damage to your property. Your insurance company will deny your claim if the cause of the big dent in your car door was the result of you getting angry and kicking the door.

Another possible reason you may be told that your claim is being denied is that you fail to report the loss in a timely manner. If you back into a pole in January and wait until November to notify your insurance carrier of the damage to your bumper, chances are slim that your claim will be approved.

Sometimes a claim can be denied because the loss is determined to be outside the included coverage of the policy. If your house is flooded due to storm surge, you can only file a claim under a flood insurance policy. If you do not have such insurance and try to collect on your home insurance policy, your claim will be denied.

When you buy any type of insurance policy, be sure you understand what the policy does and does not cover. Insurance companies are highly regulated and honor legitimate claims that are covered under the terms of your policy.

Are accessories covered under RV insurance in Englewood, CO

When you purchase an insurance policy for your RV in Englewood, CO, you may be concerned about the total coverage that is available. Depending on the plan that you purchased, you may or may not be covered for damaged to your accessories. RV coverage can vary between policies based on the amount of coverage that you have purchased.

Basic Plans

The basic policy will protect your RV from common threats. The threats that are common depend on several factors, including the amount of driving and the amount of time that you spend in the RV. If you live in your RV full-time, then your coverage requirements will differ from an individual who only uses the RV during a vacation.

Even if you only use the RV occasionally, a basic plan will provide coverage against liability concerns that meet or exceed state minimum standards.

Additional protection may include liability against accidents when guests visit your RV and some basic coverage for personal belongings.

Additional Coverage

If you are concerned that your RV coverage may not include all of the necessities, then you can add to the basic policy with additional protection. You can specifically add accessories if the coverage is limited or you are not covered against damages to your RV. Other additions depend on your personal concerns and preferences when you are looking at plans. The best policies will cover the basic necessities as well as your personal belongings and accessories, but the details can vary.

Every policy that you consider can differ, which means that the details of any plan that you purchase depend on the policy and the insurance provider. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about finding the right plan for your RV and your concerns.

Does renters insurance cover roof damage from wind in CO?

If you are renting a house or apartment in Colorado you can buy renters insurance that will cover loss or damage to your personal property inside of the home or apartment that you are renting. Your landlord is only responsible for the care and upkeep of the dwelling and can buy insurance to cover loss or damage to the dwelling.

As a renter you are not financially responsible for costs associated with any systems that may fail. Making sure that electrical wiring, plumbing and the HVAC system are all in proper working condition is the responsibility of your landlord. If a tree falls on the house you are renting, your landlord can file a claim with his insurance company. If part of the roof is damaged by a storm with 70 mile per hour winds, your landlord is responsible and has the option of seeking reimbursement for the loss by filing an insurance claim.

While renters insurance does not cover the costs of repairs to a damaged roof, if the damaged roof results in damage or loss to your personal property, it will pay to repair or replace the items that were damaged or destroyed.

If you live in Colorado, you know that a blizzard in the middle of the winter can cause a great deal of damage to a home. The high winds and heavy snow could cause a roof to be compromised and fail. In a worst case scenario, a part of the roof could be gone with the wind and leave a gaping hole. Snow and rain, and who knows what else, could go through the opening and cause damage to your big screen TV or your computer. In such a case, you could file a claim with your renters insurance and collect for the amount of the loss to your property.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover in Applewood, CO?

Most auto insurance policies extend to cover drivers when they drive other cars and trucks, but the majority of policies will not extend to cover motorcycles as well. Anyone who rides a motorcycle in Applewood, CO needs to have insurance specifically for when they are on their bike.

Meeting State Minimums for Motorcycle Insurance

In Colorado, all motorcyclists are required to have motorcycle insurance that provides liability coverage. As a licensed insurance agent in Colorado, we are able to help you find a policy that meets the minimum motorcycle insurance coverage dictated by the state.

Finding the Right Level of Insurance

In many cases, motorcyclists in Applewood want a policy that exceeds the state minimums. We will gladly review your current financial situation and help you select a policy that has coverage that is appropriate for your specific situation. Additional coverage might include a combination of the following:

Collision, which will help pay for repairs needed after an accident

Comprehensive, which will provide coverage in the event of theft or vandalism, among other circumstances

Medical, which helps with medical bills resulting from an accident

Emergency Roadside Assistance, which offers towing, fuel and flat tire services

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist, which protects you against drivers who do not have appropriate levels of insurance

Getting a Competitive Rate

Contact us today to compare rates among the different companies offering motorcycle insurance in Colorado. We are an independent agency, and we will shop all of the available policies to find you the most competitive rate. We would love to guide you through the coverage selection process and then find the lowest cost policy for you.

Insurance agents at Colling Insurance Services provide online quotes

When you need a new insurance policy, you often don’t have the time to be calling a dozen different insurance carriers to compare rates. You might be in the midst of a car purchase, getting ready to move into a new home in Lakewood, CO, or have just gotten a renewal notice from your current insurance company that you want to leave. Regardless of the circumstances, your ideal situation is to be able to quickly compare quotes online to help you select the best insurance carrier for your policy.

Get Free Online Insurance Quotes

As independent insurance agents, we are ready to serve our Lakewood community by providing free online quotes for home and auto insurance. All you have to do is to provide some information about the policy limits you want, and we can give you quotes from many of the top insurance carriers in the area.

Agents Provide Expertise to Choose Policy

If you don’t know what policy limits you’re looking for, we can help with that too. Our insurance agents are trained in the specifics of coverage needs in Colorado. Call us to discuss what you’re looking for in a policy, and let us help you select the coverage that will give you peace of mind to protect your valuable assets. We will help you get the best insurance policy for your budget.

Compare Insurance Rates Online Today

Don’t wait until the last second to get your insurance policy set up. You will only need a few minutes to compare rates on auto and home policies, and we can help you quickly set up the policy you choose. Contact us today to get started!

Types of Insurance Coverage Available in Denver, CO

What kind of insurance coverage would you like? All insurance covers some type of risk. In Denver, CO, or in any other part of the country, you can buy insurance that protects you against practically anything that could go wrong. You can buy auto insurance that covers property damage to your car and liability for property damage to another person’s car. You can buy insurance in case you get sick and have to go to the hospital. You can buy insurance in case you get run over by a bus and your wife suddenly becomes a widow.

Insurance coverage is available for business owners, home owners and pet owners. If you are an accountant, doctor, or lawyer, you can buy a special kind of insurance that specifically covers those professions against liability claims.

During your lifetime you will probably have more insurance policies than you can count on one hand. Most people drive a car and need auto insurance. It is quite probable that over your lifetime you will own a number of different cars and have auto insurance through a number of different auto insurance companies.

If you buy a home and have a mortgage, you will need to buy a home insurance policy. If you decide to rent instead of own, you might be wise to buy an affordable renters insurance policy.

You might decide to buy a term life insurance policy to protect your spouse and young children against financial difficulties in case you meet with a premature death. You might buy a whole life policy if you want life insurance and also want to build up cash value for your retirement,

No matter what stage of life you may be in, you probably need some form of insurance. It makes sense to schedule an annual check-up with an independent agent to evaluate your current insurance coverage and see if you are properly insured for all of life’s risks.