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What Form Should Your Lakewood, Colorado Insurance Take?

Those who live and work in the Lakewood, Colorado area have lots of choices. Belmar, Colorado Mills and other areas provide plenty of shopping options. Dining options are diverse, including Lakewood’s Casa Bonita, which was featured in an episode of South Park. As the fifth most populated city in the state, Lakewood has a lot to choose from.

If you have a business in Lakewood, you have choices as well. You have choices of suppliers, where and when to advertise, who to hire and what hours to keep. You also have the power to choose to shop locally. That is a choice we would encourage from not only consumers, but of business owners. When we shop locally we are supporting our schools, our local government services and our friends and neighbors. It’s just good business.

Another choice you have as a business is what type of commercial insurance you should carry. Two main forms of property insurance are Basic and Special Form. So what are the differences between Basic Form vs Special Form? Let’s take a quick look.

When you purchase Basic Form insurance your specific coverage is spelled out in the policy. It will state exactly what is covered. If it is not mentioned, it is not covered. Special Form assumes all perils to your property are covered unless they are specifically excluded. Because Special Form insurance is more encompassing, many businesses seem to prefer it.

If you have questions about your commercial insurance, we would be glad to help. Colling Insurance Services is a local, independent insurance agency. That gives us the ability to seek the best coverage and rates for our clients. We would like to count you among them.

Visit our website for a free, no obligation, comparative quote on your homeowners and auto insurance. If you would like us to quote your business insurance, please contact us. We look forward to serving your Lakewood area business.

Which Form of Insurance is Best for Your Colorado Business?

Colorado offers a wide variety of lifestyles. There are places you can live where summer activities abound, and there places that are winter sports havens. There are affordable areas and we also have some of the most prime real estate anywhere. You can choose city living or way out on your own. Knowing the difference before moving will make a big impact on your budget and lifestyle.

If you are a business owner in Colorado, knowing the difference between the forms of commercial insurance coverage can have a big impact on you as well.

In commercial property coverage, there are Basic Form and Special Form policies. Basic Form insurance specifically states the coverage that is included. If it is not listed in the policy, you are likely not covered for a peril. On the other hand, Special Form coverage takes a more inclusive approach. Special Form insurance covers your property against all perils unless they are specifically excluded. It is normal to see things like acts of war and terrorism excluded.

Knowing the difference between a captive and an independent agency can make an impact as well. Captive agents represent the products of a single company while independent agents can seek out quotes from multiple companies. The ability to get quotes from multiple companies can save you money.

Colling Insurance Services is an independent agency that offers personal and business insurance lines in Colorado. We offer auto and homeowners insurance comparative quotes online at our website.

Colling Insurance Services works to save our client’s money without sacrificing coverage. We can conduct a no obligation, no cost insurance review to verify your coverage. We can then go in search of a better rate. For business or personal insurance coverage, contact us.