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Questions you should ask before choosing your health insurance coverage

Trying to figure out what health insurance offers the best value for money can be so stressful that many people keep the same from year to year. It is more accessible but not always right. At Colling Insurance Services Inc. in Lakewood, CO, we have an experienced team who will work with you to ensure your decision is the best option.  

Is my doctor in the network?

If you have a preferred doctor or another medical professional, it is important to know that you can continue to get your health care from them. Every doctor is not in every network, so make sure your favorite is in your chosen network. 

What is the yearly deductible?

The yearly deductible is the amount you will need to pay out of pocket before your medical services are covered. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium, but if your insurance never pays for anything, that isn’t the best option. 

Does my policy have prescription coverage?

Most health insurance includes prescription coverage but double-checking it is always wiser. You also want to know that your prescriptions are covered and how much it will cost to refill them. 

Do I have dental and vision coverage?

This is vital to know, and if you don’t have it, do you want to add that coverage through another policy? Sometimes, another policy is the better option. 

Can I see providers outside of the network?

With managed care, this is a legitimate question. With an HMO, the answer is no. If you are getting a PPO or POS, you will pay more. 

In Lakewood, CO, you can count on Colling Insurance Services Inc. to provide the most choices in health carriers and good advice on what’s best for you.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover and Not Cover?

Whether you have a dental insurance plan or just shopping for one in Lakewood, CO, it’s crucial to know what it covers before you go.

At Colling Insurance Services Inc., most dental plans cover routine maintenance. This may include cleanings or exams; preventive care, including X-rays and fluoride treatments; some orthodontics and periodontal procedures; treatment for accidents; root canals and extractions (pulling teeth) if needed to prevent infection—all at no cost or a nominal fee. Dental insurance coverage varies depending on your plan and insurer. While some plans offer more range than others, most plans cover at least one routine checkup yearly and regular cleanings every six months.

Dental insurance doesn’t cover everything. Unless they’re medically necessary, your plan won’t cover cosmetic dentistry like whitening or veneers. Some plans do not cover braces, while others will only pay up to a certain amount per year, which could be more than $1,000 per year, depending on your child’s orthodontic needs.

Dental insurance is a wise investment. Having dental insurance can help you maintain a healthy, bright smile. Plan-specific factors affect dental coverage. Dental coverage varies by policy and company, so read the fine print. However, they all aim to provide affordable access to high-quality dental care. 

Remember This 

Including dental insurance in your overall health plan, not just for emergencies, is the key to maintaining excellent oral health. Dental insurance doesn’t replace regular checkups or good oral hygiene. Before receiving coverage, most plans require patients to visit the dentist twice a year. Let our dental insurance specialists at Colling Insurance Services Inc., located in Lakewood, CO, guide you through the right insurance policy for you and your family.