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Does Motorcycle Insurance in Lakewood, Colorado, Cover Injuries to a Pillion Rider?

Buying comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Lakewood, Colorado might seem like enough to protect against personal injuries or the injuries of a pillion rider, but every insurance plan is different and many plans will not cover injuries to the rider or passengers.

Variation between Insurance Options

Coverage for a motorcycle primarily relates to liability protection and the repairs of the motorcycle. Although many basics are covered, injuries may or may not be automatically included in the plan. In many plans, pillion riders are not protected if an accident occurs because of the potentially high medical expenses that may occur.

Even though a basic plan may not offer protection against injuries, it may be possible to add the protection to a plan with the right insurer. Some insurers will offer additional protection against accidents and medical expenses, but the premium will usually increase when compared to a basic liability plan.

Comparing the Options

In general, it is best to compare coverage options and plans before selecting any motorcycle insurance. By comparing the amount of coverage, the types of accidents that are protected and the price of different plans, it is possible to find an appropriate insurer for individual needs, concerns and a strict budget.

Adding medical protection for the rider and any passengers may have a high expense when compared to plans that have limited medical coverage. Depending on the situation and the number of times a passenger is on the motorcycle, the necessity of additional protection may vary.

Finding the right coverage for a motorcycle is essential for your peace of mind. Working with an independent agent can make it easier to find the right protection plan for your needs. Call today to learn more about protecting yourself and your passengers when you ride a motorcycle.

In Lakewood, Colorado, What type of losses does an All-risk boat insurance policy cover?

If you’re living in Lakewood, Colorado and you have a boat, you know you need the proper boat insurance. Getting an all-risk policy can help protect you against a variety of losses. Of course, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best coverage and the most value for your money, so talking to an independent agent like us is a good idea. That can help tell you whether you can cover the type of losses you’re concerned about with the policy you have, or whether you should have a different kind of policy instead.

Not everyone gets an all-risk policy. Many choose only to have state minimums when it comes to coverage. The minimum coverage is less expensive, so it’s a popular choice. If you have an expensive boat, though, you don’t want to just do the minimum you have to in order to protect it. We can help you get a policy that will cover the boat whether it’s out on the water, at your house, or sitting in a docking facility. That’s true whether it’s a standard dock where the boat is in the water, or a dry docking situation.

Damage to your boat from an accident, theft of the boat or its contents, and other issues are all covered under an all-risk policy, so you can have peace of mind no matter where your boat is or what you’re doing with it. Don’t risk a big investment like a boat by only getting the minimum coverage needed to protect it. Take the time to get the right kind of policy, and let us help you choose the policy that will best meet your needs.

Benefits for successfully completing safe boating classes in Lakewood, Colorado

When you have a boat in the Lakewood, Colorado area, it’s very important that you know how to operate it safely. Safe boating classes can help you with that. Once you’ve completed them, you can ask for a break on the price of your insurance. Often, boat insurance will be less expensive if you have paperwork showing that you’ve taken a class. Completing a safety course can also give you some peace of mind, and make you more confident in the operation of your boat.

Once you’ve successfully completed the class, talk with an independent agent about the opportunity for a discount. Some companies might offer more savings than others, which is why it’s better to work with someone like us. We can check with multiple companies, so you can get the best rate and the highest discount. Just make sure before you take any boating safety course that it’s legitimate and approved by insurance companies. If it isn’t, you aren’t going to see any savings on your insurance bill and that won’t help you reduce your premiums.

Talking with us can help you find the best insurance for your boating needs. In some cases it might be less expensive to choose a company that doesn’t provide a discount for safe boating classes, just because that company has lower overall premiums. However, it’s often cheaper to choose a company that gives good discounts. Plus, it’s always a good idea to have a safety course when you’re going to operate a boat. There’s much more than money on the line, and you don’t want to take any chances with the safety and security of your friends and family members.