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Premium Gas vs Regular: Understanding the Difference and Its Value to Your Car

When it comes to saving money on car expenses, many people overlook the advantage of using premium gas. Unfortunately, a large number of these people drive vehicles that give the manufacturer recommendation to use higher premium fuel, which can lead to costly repairs. Here’s a quick look at three tips you can follow to help ensure you’re doing the right thing at the pump.

Does your car recommend the use of premium gas?

Have a car that doesn’t recommend premium gas? If so, you can go ahead and use regular gas. Even if you use premium, it’s not going to do your car any favors. In fact, all it’s going to do is put a dent in your fuel funds. However, for those cars that do recommend premium gas, it is essential that you follow this suggestion. If you don’t, the car’s engine won’t run at its optimal capability of performance.

Did you invest in a premium engine?

If your car has an engine with a turbo charger and/or other high performance products added to it, you will need to fill it with premium fuel. These products don’t necessarily need premium fuel to function properly, but they do need it to function at their highest level of performance.

How old is the car?

Have an older car that is experiencing engine knock? If so, fill it up with premium for about a week or two and see if it helps. This is an excellent way to clear up engine knocking without investing in unnecessary repairs.

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Don’t Be a Victim! How to Avoid Fender Bender Fraud

Getting into an auto accident can be frightening. However, there are many people out there who make it their business to target certain drivers and coerce them into being involved in a fender bender. They are highly financially motivated and often target certain vehicles, the young, or seniors. Here are a few things to know to help protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Don’t Immediately Claim Responsibility

In the heat of the moment after an accident, it can be very easy to blurt out that you may have been responsible. Be very careful not to do this. Some individuals may see this as a payday, claiming overinflated damages simply because you’ve immediately taken the blame. Sometimes, what seems like an accident that you caused may not even fully be your fault. Watch what you say and let the insurance company determine who is at fault.

Write Down Account of Your Side Immediately After It Happened

Another method to help avoid getting wrapped up in fender bender fraud is to write down a statement of what happened in the crash as soon as you can after it is over. The truth never changes, and by having a firm written account of what took place, you can easily prove your innocence if a fraudulent or over-inflated claim arises. Also, if the police are willing to come out to take a report, be sure to get a physical copy for your records.

Remember to Exchange Information and Take Photos

One of the easiest ways to become a victim of a fraudster is by either forgetting to exchange information or just downright failing to do so. People often believe that because there is no damage or the incident was small, there’s no need to find out about the other driver. This is false!

It some cases, failure to do so can lead to a bigger incident down the road if the other party got your tag number, files a large claim, and then tries to blame the damage on you. Thus, it is important to be extra cautious and get as much information about everyone in the other vehicle anytime a collision occurs—including to take any photos of their vehicle to prove there was no damage.

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