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Stay Safe from Fender Bender Fraud in Lakewood, Colorado

If you happen to get into a fender bender in Lakewood, Colorado, the process of dealing with it is the same as it would be anywhere. Those involved should exchange insurance company information and turn it over to brokers like Colling Insurance Services, Inc. who serves the greater Lakewood, Colorado area, to handle. However, sometimes these fender benders turn into very costly lawsuits, better known as fender bender fraud, where people involved pretend to be more injured than they really are and sue the other driver or insurance company. To help prevent this from occurring in the first place, you should do the following things if you are in a fender bender in Lakewood, or anywhere else.


By doing this you will usually get an honest response that will hold up in court. So if that driver says they are OK and then later claims to have been injured, there’s a good chance that they are lying and it won’t hold up in court.


Take as many photos and videos as you can of the scene right after it happens, so that you can present them in court if necessary. As you and the other driver will be biased if you are facing off in a lawsuit, these images will speak the truth more than either of you ever could and it will be pretty clear that the other person is lying.


While this may not seem necessary for a very small accident, having the police there will create a number of people who are impartial third parties who will be able to testify in court. They will also be able to draw up a report that will represent what they saw happened, not just what one driver says happened.

Why Home Insurance Is Necessary

When it comes to your home, you work diligently to protect it. Whether you have a leak, a broken window, or a problem with your electrical system, you make sure that it’s fixed as soon as possible. With all the hard work you put into keeping your home in good condition, wouldn’t it be nice to know someone else could cover the big problems your home could face?

Understanding Home Insurance

Like many types of insurance, home insurance helps you protect your home from loss. In the face of qualified losses, Colling Insurance Services Inc. will help you cover the costs of getting your home back to the way it was before the loss. The following are a few things your home insurance could cover:

  • Accidents
  • In-home flooding
  • Weather-related damage
  • Homeowner’s negligence

You get a many different protections by setting up one policy with Colling Insurance Services Inc.

Is Home Insurance Necessary?

Whether you have a mortgage on your home or not, home insurance is necessary. Although it isn’t required by law, home insurance protects you financially. Can you imagine losing your home to severe weather, yet still having to pay for the home as if it still existed? It’s possible without home insurance. However, with home insurance, you don’t have to worry about this because your home insurance provider can help you rebuild.

How to Protect Your Home

The first step required to ensure that your home has the proper protections is to speak with one of our qualified agents. When you talk to one of our agents, it’s important to have information about your home handy, so that you can get a great quote for you home. After that, the process is simple. Our expert home insurance agents will walk you through the process of getting the coverage you need for your home.