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4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Summer Months

When you live in Lakewood, there are many ways for you to keep your dog safe during the summer months. You are dealing with more heat and more bugs than any other times of the year. By knowing the best ways to keep your dog safe, you can keep him healthier and happier as well.

Protect the Paws

The paws of your dog need to be protected at all times, particularly when you are walking your dog along hot concrete or pavement. Just as you don’t want to walk around outside on the hot concrete, your dog doesn’t either! Protect the paws using adhesive paw pads or specially fitted booties based on the breed you have.

Provide Lots of Water

Your dog needs to have lots of water, especially during the summer. If you leave your dog outside, be sure that he has access to water. Even indoors, your dog needs water – and throwing in some ice cubes can help as well.

Prevention Medication

Talk to your vet and get your dog on prevention medication for heartworm, fleas, and ticks. The summer is when the bugs are out and you want to make sure your dog does not get sick.

Life Vest

Your dog can be the best swimmer in the world, but when you are boating, you never know what is going to happen. It is best to put a life vest on your dog, and make sure that it is going to fit properly. Be conscious of your dog’s weight and girth when choosing a life vest. Especially if you are in the ocean, waves and other details can prevent your dog from swimming as well as he can in a pool or lake.

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Tips for Teens for Driving in Foggy Weather

Teens often get very excited when it comes to getting their driving permit. And while preparing teens for driving in harsh weather can sometimes be difficult, you can’t control the weather. It never hurts to get out and about and practice with them when the weather gets rough. If you’re considering teaching your teen how to drive in the fog, you’ll definitely want to keep the following tips in mind.

Use Windshield Wipers

Fog is moisture in the air, and it will stick to the windshield. This is why you should instruct your teen to always use wipers in the fog. Not only will this help your teen to see better out of the windshield, but it also helps prevent glare from any oncoming traffic. 

Understand How the Lights Work

Many newer cars come standard with daytime running lamps, and while these lights can prove to be of the utmost value during the day and at night, they don’t control a driver’s tail lights. Keeping this in mind, if your teen’s car has daytime running lamps, make sure you tell them that they will need to manually turn on the headlights to ensure the tail lights are lit in the foggy weather. 

Slow Down

The number one tip your teen needs to be following is to slow down in foggy weather. Even if it’s daylight outside, it can be extremely difficult to drive in fog, especially when it blocks the driver’s view from seeing oncoming traffic. If it’s extremely foggy, your teen should be doing well below the speed limit, preferably at least 10 to 20 mph slower than what the speed limit is. 

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