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Passenger seat: Are you covered by the driver’s insurance in Lakewood, Colo.?

Auto insurance provides financial protection shoud you suffer a serious car accident. But what about the person in the passenger seat next to you? Who pays for whatever medical costs that person incurs following an accident? In Lakewood, Colorado, that depends: The person in the passenger seat might be covered by the drivers insurance, but only if that driver pruchased personal injury protection as part of his or her auto insurance policy.

Personal injury protection isn’t required by law in Colorado, though it is in several states. But it might prove to be a worthwhile investment.

If you get into a car accident that you caused, you might suffer serious financial consequences if the person in the passenger seat next to you is injured. Medical care is expensive. Without the right insurance protection, you could be responsible for paying at least some of these costs.

Fortunately, you can avoid this risk by making sure personal injury protection is included in your auto insurance coverage. And with the ability that you have to shop around for the right insurance policy, you won’t have to spend a small fortune to include personal injury insurance in your auto policy.

Your best option is to search for live auto insurance rates online. Today, instead of calling local insurance companies, you can find the information you need to make an informed insurance decision online. The live quotes you find will tell you how much a particular insurance policy will pay and what level of protection it will offer. You can quickly compare, then, auto insurance policies with personal injury protection to see which offers the best value for your dollars.

Auto insurance isn’t cheap. And when you boost it with such additions as personal injury insurance, its price will rise even higher. But that cost might pale in comparison to the fees you’ll have to pay should your passenger suffer a serious injury because of an auto accident that you caused.

Can I Lower my Car Insurance Cost if I’m a Single Parent in Lakewood, CO?

There are several ways to lower car insurance cost in Lakewood, Colorado if you are a single parent. Economic times are hard for everyone, and if you are supporting yourself and your children alone, you need to save every penny. One of the best ways to save money on car insurance is to compare quotes from several providers. Even if you have been with the same company for a long time, saving money on the same amount of coverage, is worth the time to compare rates.

Once you have started shopping around for different car insurance, ask your local agent about discounts and ways to save money. Sometimes you can save hundreds of dollars per year by raising your deductible. As a single parent, you may wonder if you can afford more out of pocket expense if you are involved in an accident. The best way to make sure you can afford a higher deductible is to put some of your savings into an account for emergencies. This way you will not have to worry about meeting your deductible and you can still find a lower car insurance cost.

Another option for saving money on car insurance in Colorado is to drop full comprehensive coverage and go with a basic liability insurance plan. As a single parent, you may be driving an older car and you do not really need full coverage. Since the insurance company will only pay you the amount your car is worth, you may be able to save a lot of money by going with liability auto insurance. Once you have started comparing rates will several top insurance providers, you will have a better idea about the discounts available and ways to save money. Ask your local independent insurance agent in Lakewood, CO today.

Tips to Avoiding a Home Burglary in Lakewood, Colorado

Your homeowners insurance policy protects you financially if a burglar steals the most valuable items from your Lakewood home. Still, even if you do recover full value for your stolen items, no one wants to go through a home burglary. Replacing all those items takes time. And it takes even more time to regain the feeling of safety that we all want in our homes.

Fortunately, there are steps that Colorado homeowners can take to reduce the odds that they will suffer a home burglary. The best news? At least one of the steps could also result in a reduction in your homeowners insurance policy rates.

One of the tips that insurance Web sites often provide is that homeowners can save on homeowners insurance by installing a home security system. Insurance companies often provide discounts to homeowners who take this important step in avoiding a home burglary. That’s because companeis know that consumers who protect their home with security systems greatly reduce their chances of suffering a burglary. And that reduces the amount of insurance dollars that insurers can expect to pay out to these customers.

Installing a home security system also remains one of best methods of avoiding a home burglary. Most burglars upon noticing a home security system will simply move on to easier prey.

Homeowners should also notify their neighbors when they plan to take a long vacation. Their neighbors can then watch for suspicious individuals around your property. It helps, too, to join or help form a neighborhood watch. Alert neighbors are one of the best ways to reduce the number of burglaries in a neighborhood.

Homeowners looking for additional tips for preventing burglaries can also invest in motion-sensitive lighting, lights that flash on when someone nears their homes. There’s also the simple measure of making sure that everyone in the house locks all doors and windows if they are the last ones to leave the residence.

Colorado and Lakewood are not immune to home burglaries. But by taking some fairly simple steps, homeowners can increase their odds of avoiding a home burglary.

Will Comprehensive Coverage Pay for a Hit and Run Accident in Lakewood, CO?

No one wants to be the victim of a hit and run accident, but if you are, your comprehensive coverage will take care of the damage. When living in Lakewood Colorado, there is always a chance that your vehicle could be hit while parked in the street or at the shopping mall. If this happens, it may be unlikely that someone will leave a note with his insurance information. If this is the case, you would need to file a claim under your own insurance policy.

Although filing a claim with your own insurance is an option, you will also need to keep in mind that your rates could increase and you may loose your discount for never having to file a claim. It is unfortunate when your car is damage and the responsible party does not own up to the damages, but you do not want to make things worse by filing a claim and then paying more for your insurance coverage. It will depend on the amount of damage that was done to your vehicle when deciding whether to file a claim. If it is just a little dent or scratch, you may be better off buffing it out yourself. Although, if there was major damage, you will probably need to file a claim.

You should always compare quotes for automobile insurance in Lakewood Colorado. You never want to spend too much money on this type of protection. When you are speaking with an independent agent, ask him to compare rates from the leading insurance companies and find you the best deal. If your rates are low, at least you will know you are getting great insurance protection to take care of your vehicle even if it is involved in a hit and run accident.