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The basic provisions of a health insurance cover.

It is a requirement to have basic health insurance in most states in addition to being a very important investment one can ever make. Medical setbacks can be very costly. Purchasing and maintaining health coverage is the only best way to cushion you from emergency medical costs out of pocket.

Before obtaining a proper health insurance cover, it is important to understand the basic provisions of a health insurance cover. Having knowledge of the fundamental concepts that govern health insurance will be of great help in ensuring you find an affordable health insurance that best suits your needs.

The basic provisions of a health insurance cover include:

  • Short-term or temporary health insurance

In general, short-term plans are not obligatory to offer you the same vital coverage advantages and rights as a long-term compliant plan. These types of plans can only be of help when you are transitioning an example being moving between jobs.

  • Supplemental insurance

Usually, this is considered as a minimum essential cover since it pays directly to you in the event that you fall sick or injured in order to fill the financial gap which you might be vulnerable to by your current health insurance coverage. The money you receive from a supplemental insurance plan can be used for payment of deductibles, out of pocket medical expenses among other eligible expenses that you choose.

The most common eligible expenses include services of a physician, optometrist, physiotherapist and ambulance services.

A basic health insurance cover protects you and your family the routine costs and other out of pocket costs of unexpected medical expenses. We at Lakewood, CO, based Colling Insurance Services, Inc. have a collective negotiation between our clients and insurance agents by offering specialized advice and services in order to make your insurance shopping easy.

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Deciding What Dental Insurance Coverage to Get

Dental insurance can help to keep your smile healthy and attractive by helping you pay for the dental services you need, but it can be a bit daunting to know which dental insurance coverage to get. Here are some key tips on that, courtesy of Colling Insurance Services, Inc. serving the Lakewood, CO area.


Various dental insurance plans differ as far as what copayment the patient must pay for various dental services. Often, when you pay more per month for your premiums, the co-pays will be lower. So that’s a tradeoff.


Dental insurance plans also differ when it comes to deductibles, and typically the high-deductible plans require the patient to pay more out of pocket when dental services are obtained at a dentist.


This is yet another area where there are differences from one insurance policy to another. High-premium dental insurance plans typically provide more and better coverage for services, as well as lower co-payments and deductibles.

When considering which dental insurance coverage to get, evaluate what types of services you foresee needing and how often. Of course, it is impossible to predict this with absolute certainty. But take a look at what coverage each plan offers and for what price, and look at what your budget allows when it comes to paying for premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

When you are looking into dental insurance, it can help to have an expert who can sift through and sort out all the information. That’s where it helps to work with a company that provides insurance services. If you need help sorting out your dental insurance options, please feel free to contact us at Colling Insurance Services, Inc. serving the Lakewood, CO area.

3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Life Insurance

If you are shopping for life insurance in Lakewood, CO, you may be overwhelmed. It seems like a complex process but it does not have to be. Your decision to invest in life insurance is a great one because it protects your family. You must, therefore, choose the right type of insurance from the right insurance provider. Contact a reputable insurance agency such as Colling Insurance Services, Inc. The agents will explain to you the different types of insurance and their extent of coverage. Understand how each insurance policy works before making a decision.

Important Questions When Buying Life Insurance

How much life insurance do I need?

Different people need different amounts of life insurance. Before buying life insurance, consider your financial responsibilities including mortgage payments and debt. If your family may have many needs in the future such as the costs of education, you need more life insurance. People who do not have a lot of debt or future family responsibilities may not need to buy much of it. What works well for one person may be insufficient for another.

Who are my beneficiaries?

Your life insurance policy goes to your beneficiaries after you die. You need to be careful when making that decision. Take time to think about it. Your beneficiaries could include your spouse, parents, kids, or siblings. However, you do not need to choose a person. You could choose an organization or a charity.

What policy is appropriate for my needs?

The basic life insurance policies are term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance is for a specified length of time while permanent life insurance is a lifelong insurance. The type of insurance you choose depends on your needs.

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Do You Really Need Motorcycle Insurance?

When it comes to transportation, you have a few options to choose from. One of those options is a motorcycle and it is a popular one in the Lakewood, CO area. If you do own a motorcycle or have been considering getting one, you may also be wondering whether or not you should also be looking at getting motorcycle insurance. Here at Colling Insurance Services, Inc., we know that you should definitely have coverage if you are going to be driving your motorcycle. These are the reasons that you need to have it.

  • It is illegal to drive without insurance. This is the biggest reason you need to have motorcycle insurance. If you do not have it, you can get into some big trouble on the roads. It is always best to have the minimum coverage amounts so you are legally driving with insurance.
  • You want that protection. Driving on a motorcycle is dangerous and having an insurance policy can help to financially protect you if you are ever in an accident. You do not want to get caught driving without it if you are in an accident.

As you can see, you need to have motorcycle insurance for your motorcycle in Lakewood, CO. If you do not already have motorcycle insurance or even if you do and you want to make sure you have the proper coverage, be sure to reach out to us here at Colling Insurance Services, Inc. We can take a look at your current policy to make sure you have the coverage you need and we can get you a quote for a new policy that meets your needs and your budget. Reach out to us today to make sure you are insured the next time you go for a drive.

5 Things to Know About Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an important way to protect yourself and your assets from liability and other types of claims. But with that in mind, it’s also necessary to make sure that the policy is the right one. If it isn’t, you may not get the coverage you need. If you don’t know that until you make a claim, it could leave you in a bind. Fortunately, you can avoid that type of risk by trusting your Lakewood, CO umbrella policy to the knowledgeable and dedicated agents of Colling Insurance Services, Inc. Here are five things you should know before buying your policy.

1. Umbrella insurance is additional coverage, and adds an extra layer of protection over and above home, auto, business, and other types of policies.

2. People with significant assets may need umbrella coverage, but people with smaller asset levels may also feel better with additional coverage.

3. Umbrella policies don’t have to be complicated, and many policies are available that provide a high level of value for the policy requested.

4. Anyone can get an umbrella policy, and they can get better peace of mind along with that insurance coverage.

5. Working with a good agent makes a difference, because it helps you get the policy you need from people you can trust.

When it comes to getting the right policy, the right company is going to make a difference. Insurance policies are only as good as the companies that back them, so finding a trusted company matters. That way you can enjoy the quality and value you expect, along with the peace of mind you want and need. By purchasing your Lakewood, CO umbrella insurance from Colling Insurance Services, Inc. you can put your worries to rest and know you are adequately covered.

Motorcycle Insurance- What’s Covered and What Isn’t?

Why do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in Lakewood, CO?

Motorcycle insurance is a necessary protection for the motorist and anyone that they may hurt, as well vehicles that they may potentially damage on the road. A motorcycle insurance policy will back you financially in case of an accident, damage, or loss or theft of your motorcycle. Coverage is applicable to choppers, street bikes, mopeds, and Segways. Colling Insurance Services Inc. understands the ins and outs of motorcycle insurance and can guide you toward purchasing the right policy for your bike.

What Will a General Motorcycle Insurance Policy Cover?

A general motorcycle insurance policy will cover some costs incurred with damages and compensation if you cause damage or harm to another person and/or their property. Motorcycle insurance will also cover legal fees, including at-fault liability claims and judgments. Claims are covered only up to the limit of your policy amount.

Motorcycle insurance policies are customizable and can be done so to include medical payments, full replacement of your motorcycle, comprehensive coverage- which covers damage or loss outside of accidents, as well as theft, uninsured riders and more. Insurance coverage should be picked according to your bike type and usage- the riskier the vehicle and the more frequently it is used, the more insurance you will require.

What is Not Covered by a General Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Because motorcycle insurance policies can be tailored, there is a lot that can potentially be covered by your policy. However, there are instances where your insurance will not cover you whatsoever. That is in the case of using your motorcycle to race or perform stunts, causing intentional bodily harm or damage to someone’s property, using your vehicle to perform deliveries or act as a taxi service, or committing crimes.  

Colling Insurance Services Inc. caters to the Lakewood, CO community and can help you figure out the best policy for your motorcycle. Contact one of our experienced agents today to get started. 

Why You Should Have Dental Insurance

Dental work can be expensive in Lakewood, CO, so dental insurance can make sense for you as long as you understand what is being covered. This allows you to still see the dentist you prefer.

Many people don’t think insurance is worth it because you don’t come out ahead, and dental insurance is not a type of insurance that you are required to have, but there are a number of benefits.

Dental insurance emphasizes prevention, so typically two exams a year, x-rays cleanings and fluoride treatments are covered. This helps increase the chances that those with insurance will actually visit the dentist. Preventative care saves a lot of money in the long run. For those that need treatments, such as fillings, root canals and crowns, you won’t have to dig into your savings account and you’ll pay a lot less for any treatment that is needed. As adults get older, they may need more work on their teeth, which makes dental insurance worth the cost.

There are different types of dental insurance plans, and the best way to find one that works for your situation is by speaking with an agent at Colling Insurance Services Inc. An agent can help you decide if a PPO or HMO plan is better for you. HMO plans usually restrict coverage to dentists within a limited network. PPO plans allow patients to see dentists that are outside the network, but are charged much lower rates if they see a dentist that is within the preferred network. There are some waiting periods with dental insurance, so it’s important to get insurance before you need a cavity filled or some other dental work. You aren’t able to sign up for insurance just when you have an emergency.

Contact an agent at Colling Insurance Services Inc. serving Lakewood, CO to discuss dental insurance options.

The Basics of RV Insurance

With so many varied types of recreational vehicles, sometimes a single policy may not handle the different types of RVs (fifth wheels, motorhomes, travel trailers and pop-up campers). Usually, RV insurance may be required depending on the kind of RV you own. Read on to know more basics about this kind of insurance provided by insurers like Colling Insurance Services, Inc. serving the Lakewood, CO area.

RV insurance coverage comes handy for campers and motorhomes. What’s more, RVs come in different sizes and shapes. All vehicles driven on the road must be insured, including motorhomes. Note that there is a minimum liability your state requires for you to drive your RV legally.

Is it required?

Camper and RV liability insurance is needed in every state, including Colorado. The state also requires underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage for the following conditions: 

  • When you buy a camper, travel trailer or RV             
  • If you are living in the RV full-time
  • When you use a rented RV for a vacation
  • When you use the RV part-time

Are you wondering if your auto insurance or homeowners insurance offers enough coverage for your RV? The answer is no. Your camper, travel trailer, or RV requires a separate insurance plan.

What is covered?

RV insurance usually includes the following:

  • Collision –the plan covers losses if you collide with other vehicles (no matter who is at fault) or a stationary object.
  • Liability –this will cover expenses of property damage, bodily injury, and legal cost in case you are at fault.
  • Comprehensive –this policy covers the cost of fire and smoke, collision, lightning hail, flood, animals, theft, windstorm, vandalism as well as overhangs or low branches.

Underinsured and uninsured and motorists –this will cover you, and the passengers should be a person who lacks enough or doesn’t have insurance cause an accident.

Some insurance companies can also provide additional coverages like:

  • Vacation or campsite liability
  • Total loss replacement
  • Attached accessories
  • Towing and roadside
  • Emergency expenses
  • Personal effects

Consult with your Lakewood, CO insurance companies such as Colling Insurance Services, Inc. to get more details regarding your RV coverage options.


Will Motorcycle Insurance Cover My Passengers?

As a motorcycle rider, you may wish to take family, friends or loved ones out for a ride sitting behind you, if your bike allows for it. But one of the questions that we at Colling Insurance Services Inc. serving the greater Lakewood, CO are often asked is whether motorcycle insurance will cover passengers if they are injured while going out for a ride. Read on to find out the answer. 

Will Motorcycle Insurance Cover Passengers?

Motorcycle insurance will cover any passengers that are riding on a motorcycle with you. If the accident is caused by someone else, their insurance will pay the medical expenses before your insurance kicks in, if you surpass the limits of their policy. If you were at fault for the accident, your insurance will pay. 

Why Having the Right Coverage Limits is Important?

Having the right coverage limits is important whether you are riding alone or with a passenger. Having the right coverage limits helps to ensure that your insurance will cover all of the medical expenses in the event of an accident. Having the right coverages helps to ensure that you are covered if an uninsured or under-insured driver hits you, or helps to ensure your coverages are high enough if you are at fault for the accident and you and your passenger sustain many injuries. 

Having the right motorcycle insurance coverage is extremely important. If you have questions about your coverage or want to learn more about whether it is too low, contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. serving the greater Lakewood, CO today. We can sit down with you and help you determine how much covers you need. 

Planning Your Extended Boat Vacation: What Should You Pack?

Are you planning a summer boating adventure that lasts more than a week? Long trips give you time to truly relax and enjoy the solitude of open waters. But they also present unique challenges when deciding what to pack. Space is often limited, so cargo must be planned out thoroughly. Colling Insurance Services Inc. in the Lakewood, CO area wants you to get all the pleasure you can from your marine vacation. Use this guide to help choose what you bring out on the water.

  • Don’t overdo it on clothing. Unless you plan on spending a lot of time at ports, you won’t need much more than several sets of comfy swimwear, shorts, and t-shirts. Bring one or two formal outfits for nights out on the mainland.
  • Snorkels, fishing poles, and other sports gear should be packed last. That way you won’t have to waste time searching for them under a mound of supplies when it’s time to play.
  • Make sure your first aid kit is up-to-date. Include extra supplies of current medications and over-the-counter remedies you may need.
  • Keep a copy of your current boat insurance policy on board for emergency reference. Place it in a safe, waterproof container with your satellite radio, flashlight, flares, and other emergency equipment.
  • Limit grooming products to the absolute necessities. Multiple people can share products to save space and limit clutter.
  • Plan your food stores. If you won’t be making any restocking stops, make sure you have enough to keep everyone happy by writing out your daily meals.

Colling Insurance Services Inc. provides boat insurance policies for residents around the Lakewood, CO area. Contact us to learn how boat insurance can make your summer adventure safe and carefree.