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Will my auto insurance cover damages to a third party in Lakewood, Colorado?

When you are talking about auto insurance in Lakewood, Colorado, you could think of the term "third party" in two different ways. Most commonly when you ask if your auto insurance will cover damages to a third party, you are referring to a situation where the third party is someone that you agreed to loan your car to and that person was driving and got into an accident.

In the case where you mean that you were driving and got into an accident with another car, causing damages to someone or some other property that was not in either vehicle, your auto insurance liability coverage will cover damages to that third party, provided the accident was found to be your fault.

That all sounds very confusing and it is a little confusing because of the ambiguity of the term "third party." An example might help to clear up the confusion. Suppose you are driving down the street in Lakewood and you slam into another car. The accident was obviously your fault and you would have liability for damages and any injuries to the car and individual driving the car that you hit.

Well what happens if the skis on top of your car fly off and go sailing through the window of a small shop that just happened to be next to the spot where the accident occurred? The shop owner is an innocent third party and your auto insurance would pay to have the shopkeeper’s window replaced and for any other damage directly related to the accident you were responsible for causing.

As your independent agent, here in Lakewood Colorado, we see this type of thing happen on occasion. It is not unexpected, but it is unusual. If you would like to know more about third party drivers or innocent third party bystanders and how your auto insurance carrier deals with claims involving them, give us a call and an independent agent will give you a complete explanation.

Does Homeowner’s Policy in Lakewood, Colorado, Pay for Mold Damages?

Mold can be devastating. It often grows undetected by homeowners for long periods of time. Once it is found, it is hard to contain and clean up can be very expensive. Yet, for people in the Lakewood, Colorado area, there could be help available.

Is Your Homeowner’s Policy Going to Cover It?

There isn’t a clear answer as to whether or not your insurance policy will pay for mold in your home. Generally, this depends on what caused the mold in the first place. Generally, some policies provide coverage but only for those instances in which the mold is caused by a covered type of water damage.

Most policies do not cover any type of maintenance problem that could bring on the mold. For example, water leaking from a faucet is not likely covered. Most policies also exclude any mold that is the result of a flood, especially if you do not have flood insurance specifically.

On the other hand, mold that occurs as the result of a fire (and the water used to put it out by firefighters) this type of coverage may apply. The key here is to talk directly to your insurance carrier to determine if it is included in your policy. Even in some non-maintenance instances, mold damage may be specifically written as a non-covered event in your policy.

Not Sure If Your Policy Is Effective for Damages?

Let our independent agent help you to find out what is covered and what you may need additional protection from right now. You can use our comparative analysis tool to help find available policies for your needs. In many cases, you can get quotes from multiple providers, compare them to each other, and find the one that offers the best level of protection for your home.

Will my home insurance cover my Frame house from losses caused by termites in Lakewood, Colorado?

If you have a frame house in Lakewood, Colorado, you’ll want to make sure it’s insured properly. Then you don’t have as many worries over losses caused by all kinds of problems that could occur. To cover your home the right way, you need to talk to an independent agent and get the proper insurance policy for your needs. That’s where we come in. Because we work with multiple companies, we can get you the best deal and find the policy that’s right for you.

One of the things you want to make sure your policy covers is termites. Especially with frame homes, termite damage can be a serious issue. Other wood destroying insects can also be a problem, so you’ll want to ask specifically about the types of insects and organisms you’re protected against, and under what circumstances. An independent agent like us can look for the differences between policies, so you’ll be able to choose the right one and make a knowledgeable decision.

Asking questions about the policies you’re considering provides you with a better understanding than you’d get if you purchased online without the benefit of an agent. While it’s easy to buy a policy on your own, you may find that you’ve gotten something that’s not right for you. The time to find that out isn’t when you’re trying to make a claim and being told that you’re not covered. Insurance is far too important to risk getting something that won’t fully protect your frame house from losses based on termites and other wood destroying creatures.

Is it mandatory to get an auto insurance in Lakewood, Colorado as soon as you purchase a car?

One question that has many customers searching for answers is: “Is it mandatory in Lakewood, Colorado, to get an auto insurance as soon as you purchase a car?” As an independent agent with an agency, this is something heard on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this is not a question that has a hard, fast answer.

Colorado law states that every person who registers a car must purchase and maintain insurance coverage on that car. The key word in this statement is registers. That means if you purchase an older car with the intent to work on it and maybe fix it up over a few years’ time, you may not need to purchase insurance right away.

However, it is important to remember that if you need to take that car on the road for any reason, you will need to insure it. Therefore, even if you have a classic car that you only drive to car shows, you will need to look into the insurance requirements for that as well.

Luckily, there are many affordable insurance options out there. Working with an independent agent can save you money. Our agency, for instance, will go the extra mile to research and compare rates so that you never pay more than you need to for the coverage you need. Whether you purchase basic liability insurance of full coverage, we have exactly what you need.

Remember, every insurance situation is a little bit different. If you are in or around Lakewood, Colorado, give us a call or contact us and let one of our agents work with you to determine your insurance needs.

Will my auto insurance in Lakewood, Colorado cover safety of co-passengers who are not insured on the policy?

If you’re driving an insured car and a passenger is injured, that passenger will generally be covered under your auto insurance policy. That person can also make a claim on his or her vehicle insurance policy, instead of yours. If you’re all co-passengers, you’ll need to focus on whether you’re covered under your own policy or under the policy of the driver. A co-passenger generally won’t be covered under another passenger’s policy, unless they have the same policy (such as a husband and wife or a parent and child).

Working with an independent agent like us, you can make sure you cover your car properly, and that you take into account the safety of anyone who will be riding in it. Lakewood, Colorado is a great place to live and a pretty safe place to drive, but there are always risks involved when you’re driving a car or riding in one. You want to know what your rights and liabilities are as the driver, but that’s also important when you’re a passenger. You should understand your own coverage and know when it applies, so you have knowledge of whether you’re protected as a co-passenger in another vehicle.

If you don’t work with an independent agent like us, you may not get proper protection for you and your family. It’s easy and convenient to buy insurance online without talking to anyone, but it’s hard to be sure what you’re actually getting when you do that. Come in and sit down with us, so we can provide you with some coverage options you can choose from. Then you’ll take peace of mind with you wherever you travel.