Will my auto insurance in Lakewood, Colorado cover safety of co-passengers who are not insured on the policy?

If you’re driving an insured car and a passenger is injured, that passenger will generally be covered under your auto insurance policy. That person can also make a claim on his or her vehicle insurance policy, instead of yours. If you’re all co-passengers, you’ll need to focus on whether you’re covered under your own policy or under the policy of the driver. A co-passenger generally won’t be covered under another passenger’s policy, unless they have the same policy (such as a husband and wife or a parent and child).

Working with an independent agent like us, you can make sure you cover your car properly, and that you take into account the safety of anyone who will be riding in it. Lakewood, Colorado is a great place to live and a pretty safe place to drive, but there are always risks involved when you’re driving a car or riding in one. You want to know what your rights and liabilities are as the driver, but that’s also important when you’re a passenger. You should understand your own coverage and know when it applies, so you have knowledge of whether you’re protected as a co-passenger in another vehicle.

If you don’t work with an independent agent like us, you may not get proper protection for you and your family. It’s easy and convenient to buy insurance online without talking to anyone, but it’s hard to be sure what you’re actually getting when you do that. Come in and sit down with us, so we can provide you with some coverage options you can choose from. Then you’ll take peace of mind with you wherever you travel.