Is there a speed restriction for watercraft insurance in Lakewood, Colorado?

If you live in Lakewood, Colorado and enjoy going out on the waterways with your watercraft, make sure that you have the correct insurance first. Call your independent agent for all the particulars of good policy coverage on your watercraft for you, your guests, and others on the water in Lakewood.

You must practice good common sense and safety when in your boat and know the laws of the waterways. You must know that the first thing in practicing safety is using common sense, and making the right decisions for you and those you share the waterways. Your independent agent can help you with the right boat insurance policy.

Colorado law does not mention any set speed for your boat. What the law does say is, the boater should not operate their watercraft at a speed that is not sensible. You must keep boat speeds at a sensible speed and in line with the weather conditions at the time you are on the waterways. When your boat cannot create a wake on the water you are in a no wake zone, and the law says that your boat speed cannot be over 5 mile per hour.

According to Colorado law for water speed, your common sense would denote how fast you should (safely) run your boat. Remember to keep you, your guests and others on the water safe at all cost. Your boat insurance company is monitoring your boat safety and common sense. No accidents and claims for damages that are your fault will help to set the stage for a great insurance policy rate.

As your independent agent in Lakewood, we can help you structure a watercraft policy that will fit your needs. Contact us to speak with an independent agent today. It is important that you give us a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances. Remember, do not operate your boat without insurance.