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How can a Business Owners Policy benefit my Small Business in Lakewood, Colorado?

An insurance policy for any company large or small are not about having a BOP, but are about being a responsible company owner. A company owner should never believe it is alright to operate without business insurance, no matter what size their company is.

Whether there are no employees or just a few employees, the company needs insurance protection. We are an independent agent in Lakewood, Colorado, and can help develop a plan that is right for your company and will adapt a policy to your budget.

The benefits of having a company insurance policy will help to protect your financial investment against a number of issues. Insurance will have a bearing on employees. If there is a lawsuit or liability stemming from your products or services, it will protect the company. There will be no possibilities of closing up your company due to a lawsuit.

Being able to provide an insurance package to your employees is a valuable asset, as this will attract good workers dedicated to the company. Health coverage says a lot to the employee. Health insurance will provide your company a tax credit of up to 35 percent of the cost of the premium.

Business owners must adhere to federal regulations regarding hiring practices, discrimination and sexual harassment. There are employees who would take advantage of these regulations and seek a lawsuit. A company’s insurance policy covers legal costs.

If your company has a mortgage, the financial institution may require a certain amount of insurance. If an owner does not meet these requirements, then the company can get certain fines and restrictions. Licenses are at risk for cancelation.

Call our independent agency in Lakewood, Colorado today to set up any number of insurance options, such as commercial, property, health, liability, fleet, and many other coverage are available for small business owners.

What should I look for when Purchasing Umbrella Insurance in Lakewood, Colorado?

Umbrella insurance is available as extended coverage. These days lawsuits are everywhere, and lawsuits, however ridiculous they may be are winning with enormous awards. Our independent agent in Lakewood, Colorado can help you get this added security. Policies have limits as to what they will pay. An umbrella will extend those benefits and pay over what the policy pays. Automobile, homeowners, business, and watercraft policies all have limited protection on liability.

Accidents do happen, and no matter how careful you are, the accident may be your fault. If the accident is serious, you could be looking at a lawsuit. If found guilty for negligence, related to your accident, you could face a liability taking all your assets, if you do not have the correct benefits. As soon as your primary insurance has paid up to its limits, this extension will take over.

If you want this coverage added for your full security, make sure the benefits include certain coverage in the policy.

Look for benefits in this extended policy covering medical bills for the injured person, lost wages and any rehabilitative therapy care needed. Make sure that your benefits pay for legal defense and legal bills. This should include property damages. If your accident causes the injured permanent disability, your company may be appointed to pay for life.

Do not be caught in a situation, only to find out you do not have sufficient benefits to cover the unfortunate situation. You could find yourself in a lawsuit, all of your personal assets could be frozen and awarded, if you do not have the right coverage.

Umbrellas are inexpensive to get for what they provide in return. This liability benefit will protect personal activities throughout America and anywhere overseas. It is difficult to understand why people are not purchasing these benefits. Our independent agent believes it may be a lack of knowledge. Call our independent agent in Lakewood, Colorado today to help you secure your future.

Does High Mileage Affect Auto Insurance Rates in Colorado?

How many miles are on your vehicle is something your insurance company will probably ask you, but what’s even more important is how many miles you’ll be putting on your vehicle each year. High mileage will cost you more when you buy coverage in Lakewood, because the more you drive the higher the chance you’ll have an accident. All Colorado companies are concerned about this, and their concern will be reflected in your auto rates. That doesn’t mean you should lie about your driving, though, because that could get you into big trouble if you need to make a claim.

An older car can save you a lot of money if you’re going to be driving it frequently. The older the car the less it typically costs to insure it. Most older cars also don’t need collision insurance, because of their low replacement value. If you have only the minimum coverage on a car, you’ll pay a lot less for your insurance – even if you drive a lot of miles each year. The more insurance you have, the newer the car, and the more miles you put on it, the higher rates you’ll pay.

No matter what kind of car you have and how much you drive it, come in and see us. As an independent agent, we work with a lot of different companies and can help you find the best insurance option for you and your vehicle. High mileage is going to cost you more, but it doesn’t have to break the bank when it comes to covering your car. Just be sure that you work with us, since we know what questions to ask and how to find you the lowest rate while still being sure that you have all the coverage you need. That can provide you with great peace of mind, as well as a great policy.

Does my Homeowners Insurance Cover my Belongings in Storage in Colorado?

If you’re moving or remodeling, or if you just have too many things in and around your home, you might want to put some of your things in storage. One of the items the storage company may offer you is insurance. Do you need it? Well, that depends. Instead of automatically taking that storage insurance (and paying extra for it), make sure you stop in and talk to us. We can help you determine if your homeowners coverage is enough to protect your stored belongings, or if your policy isn’t designed for that.

Whether you’re putting them in storage in Lakewood, Colorado or somewhere else might also matter, and you don’t want to end up with unprotected furniture and other items because of limits on your homeowners policy. Finding out what kind of coverage you have ahead of time is a much better way to protect anything you own, since you’ll know whether you need the storage company’s insurance before you arrive with your belongings. You may also be able to get a temporary rider on your insurance policy that covers items that are stored off-site.

Some policies have restrictions as to how things can be stored, so make sure you choose your Lakewood facility wisely. You’ll want a storage company that is secure, and that protects your belongings properly. We can help you answer any questions about what your policy covers and how your belongings must be secured, so you’ll have peace of mind. Short-term or long-term storage issues can be addressed, and it’s very important that you get the type of coverage that will protect you and your belongings, no matter where they are. Let us help you locate the perfect policy. As an independent agent, we handle multiple companies and know what questions to ask to make sure the policy you get is the right one for you.