How can a Business Owners Policy benefit my Small Business in Lakewood, Colorado?

An insurance policy for any company large or small are not about having a BOP, but are about being a responsible company owner. A company owner should never believe it is alright to operate without business insurance, no matter what size their company is.

Whether there are no employees or just a few employees, the company needs insurance protection. We are an independent agent in Lakewood, Colorado, and can help develop a plan that is right for your company and will adapt a policy to your budget.

The benefits of having a company insurance policy will help to protect your financial investment against a number of issues. Insurance will have a bearing on employees. If there is a lawsuit or liability stemming from your products or services, it will protect the company. There will be no possibilities of closing up your company due to a lawsuit.

Being able to provide an insurance package to your employees is a valuable asset, as this will attract good workers dedicated to the company. Health coverage says a lot to the employee. Health insurance will provide your company a tax credit of up to 35 percent of the cost of the premium.

Business owners must adhere to federal regulations regarding hiring practices, discrimination and sexual harassment. There are employees who would take advantage of these regulations and seek a lawsuit. A company’s insurance policy covers legal costs.

If your company has a mortgage, the financial institution may require a certain amount of insurance. If an owner does not meet these requirements, then the company can get certain fines and restrictions. Licenses are at risk for cancelation.

Call our independent agency in Lakewood, Colorado today to set up any number of insurance options, such as commercial, property, health, liability, fleet, and many other coverage are available for small business owners.