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Will the outboard trolling motor be covered if it’s stolen from the boat in Lakewood, CO?

When you first buy a boat there are a lot of things that go through your mind of ways that you can use the craft. In addition to ways they can use it they are also thinking about what they need to do in order to protect the craft from damage and theft. To help with your insurance here are some things that you should know about your boat insurance policy in Lakewood, Colorado.

What Your Boat Policy will cover in the Event of a Loss?

· A boat policy can help protect you against liability claims. Liability claims are charges made against you because of negligence. If you are sued in a court and found liable, then your policy will cover the charges.

· If you have theft of equipment on your policy and have your outboard trolling motor stolen, then you will find that your insurance policy will cover the loss.

· If your watercraft is damaged by a collision on the water, then you can rest knowing that it will be fixed as long as you have physical damage benefits on the policy.

· Theft or loss of fishing equipment can also be covered if you have the peril endorsed on your policy.

When you first buy a watercraft you will listen to your dealer as to what you need to complete in order to take possession of the boat. With so much on the line you will want the services of your independent agent to protect your new boat. As your agent, we can help get a policy together that will protect your boat from damages and theft from other people. Call us today, and let us go to work for you to protect your investment.

After my Office Building was Damaged by a Fire in Lakewood, CO, a Local Ordinance Required an Upgrade to Meet Code Requirements. Why Doesn’t my Insurance Cover This?

Commercial insurance is designed to address a variety of concerns in Lakewood, Colorado, but it does not always offer the coverage that you expect. When your office building is damaged in a fire, you may be covered for the cost of basic repairs or rebuilding in your policy. Unfortunately, changes to the building code requirements by a local ordinance may not be covered under your policy because they did not exist at the time that you obtained your current plan.

Your Responsibility

A key reason that you may be required to upgrade the standards of your building beyond your policy is your personal responsibility as the business owner. You are required to put in the work to keep your building up to code and the legal standards.

Since the upgrade is a normal part of maintaining your property, it may not be covered by your policy.

Details of your Policy

Although a damaged building may be covered by your commercial policy, you may not be covered for every aspect of the repairs. Read your policy to determine how much coverage is available and what is covered. In some cases, you may have some protection in case legal changes occur that require an upgrade to the building. In other situations, your insurer may exclude any upgrades that are required by new laws when a fire occurs.

A variety of factors can contribute to your ability to make a claim on your policy. Depending on the coverage that you purchase, you may or may not be covered for upgrades to your office building. Contact us to speak to an independent agent to learn more about commercial insurance policies.

Can I insure my boat or watercraft for use year-round in Lakewood, CO?

You can insure your boat or watercraft for use year-round in Lakewood, Colorado. Although many people only use their boats for a few months out of the year, those people who enjoy boating all year will need to make sure their coverage will take care of their needs. An independent agent will explain if you need additional insurance coverage with your homeowner’s policy.

Your boat or watercraft insurance coverage should include physical damage, medical payments, total loss replacement, personal property and possibly towing and assistance, trailer coverage, and if you own an expensive boat – you may need high liability limits. Replacement cost for your boat and trailer is also important in Colorado. If your watercraft is damaged or stolen, you will want to replace it as soon as possible. If you do not have replacement coverage, you may only be able to claim a lesser amount than what it will cost to actually replace the unit. If you are planning to insure your boat or watercraft year-round, you will probably also want to save some money.

Speak with our independent agent about how to save money on your insurance plan. Often you can purchase a policy with a multiple property discount. If you have special safety features installed on your boat you may also be able to save some money. If you are willing to have the premium drafted from your bank account, this may also save you some money. We can compare several insurance providers in Colorado and find rates and quotes that will fit your budget. Keeping insurance on your watercraft year-round does not have to break the budget. You can enjoy your boat every month of the year with a little prior planning and a great insurance plan. Call us today.