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Is there a speed restriction for watercraft insurance in Lakewood, Colorado?

If you live in Lakewood, Colorado and enjoy going out on the waterways with your watercraft, make sure that you have the correct insurance first. Call your independent agent for all the particulars of good policy coverage on your watercraft for you, your guests, and others on the water in Lakewood.

You must practice good common sense and safety when in your boat and know the laws of the waterways. You must know that the first thing in practicing safety is using common sense, and making the right decisions for you and those you share the waterways. Your independent agent can help you with the right boat insurance policy.

Colorado law does not mention any set speed for your boat. What the law does say is, the boater should not operate their watercraft at a speed that is not sensible. You must keep boat speeds at a sensible speed and in line with the weather conditions at the time you are on the waterways. When your boat cannot create a wake on the water you are in a no wake zone, and the law says that your boat speed cannot be over 5 mile per hour.

According to Colorado law for water speed, your common sense would denote how fast you should (safely) run your boat. Remember to keep you, your guests and others on the water safe at all cost. Your boat insurance company is monitoring your boat safety and common sense. No accidents and claims for damages that are your fault will help to set the stage for a great insurance policy rate.

As your independent agent in Lakewood, we can help you structure a watercraft policy that will fit your needs. Contact us to speak with an independent agent today. It is important that you give us a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances. Remember, do not operate your boat without insurance.

When I buy umbrella insurance in Lakewood, CO, does it cover past liabilities?

Picture this scenario happening; you have no insurance, and are in an accident in Lakewood, Colorado, on the first. You are found guilty of a serious accident. The next day on the second you purchase and sign a policy that gives you the coverage you will need in this situation. Anticipating that the injured party will sue you for more coverage than you have, you call an independent agent and tell him/her you want to add on an umbrella coverage.

You feel quite confident you have now covered yourself well with a high enough amount , when it is determined that you may have thousands of dollars to pay.

Guess what, you are not covered for anything and you are on your own. You must make financial amends out of your own pocket for all liabilities. Call your independent agent in Lakewood, Colorado, and speak with an agent. An auto policy is only meant to pay for future accidents one day after you sign your application. Your insurance company is not going to pay for any damages before the second when you signed for your coverage.

Never, ever will a company pay out for any liabilities before the coverage was signed. There is no company on the face of the earth that pays out before the effective coverage date. In this case and many others like it you must pay out of pocket if you have no coverage and are found guilty in an vehicle accident. You could lose all of your assets including your home and car if a serious accident happens before you are covered.

There is one exception to this rule that pertains to a life insurance policy. If you purchase this kind of coverage and sign a dated application, you can make your first payment, and in some circumstance you are covered at once.

Do not wait unit it is too late. We can help you, contact us to speak with an independent agent in Colorado, about an umbrella converge today. We can give you specific details for our circumstances.

In Lakewood, Colorado, can I get a discount for taking a motorcycle safety class?

Motorcycle safety classes work much the same as automobile safety classes . If you enroll in a motorcycle safety class in Lakewood, Colorado and pass the class and test , you may get a nice discount on your insurance policy .

However , there are no discounts available through the safety course for your motorcycle policy . When you take a motorcycle safety class , and you have proven that your goal is safety when on the road your company will have some discounts on your insurance policy for you .

Contact your independent agent when you have completed your motorcycle safety class and passed your test . Show proof to your independent agent and you can get a discount from your insurance company .

Even if , you think you are the best and safest motorcycle driver on the road , there is always room for improvement . Everyone can improve on driving skills and always learn something new .

Motorcycle skills , like automobile skills , can deteriorate after several years . It is a wise idea for you to sharpen up your road skills and your states road laws , at least every year . You can take this motorcycle safety course as often as you would like .

Colorado has a program called ABATE that is available for motorcycle riders . ABATE offers you the following;

·Freedom on the road

·Promote fair legislation safety

·Rider education

·Successful Communication system for cyclists

Motorcycle riders are some of the safest drivers on the road , but as with most things , you must proof how safe you really can be. Once you have taken the safe driving course , the rider must prove how safe they really are. Taking the safe driving course is the first step . Driving citation free for at least one to three years is another big step towards better insurance rates .

We can help you . If you live in Lakewood, Colorado contact us and speak with an independent agent today . It is important that you call us so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances .

Do commercial insurance policies for an apartment usually cover mold in Lakewood, Colorado?

Mold is a naturally occurring organism that can pollute the environment and cause illness. Lately mold has received heightened attention for its potential toxicity and can pose a serious liability problem for landlords and property owners. For this reason, it is important to understand where your home insurance policy stands when you are seeking commercial coverage for your Lakewood, Colorado apartment.

The Dangers of Mold

While there are over 100,000 different types of mold, only a handful are dangerous to humans. However, even non-toxic mold can cause health problems because humans vary in their response to mold. Those who have been exposed to toxic mold may experience a wide range of medical conditions, including skin problems, fatigue, and respiratory ailments.

Is Mold Covered By Commercial Insurance?

Typically, the answer is no. Because mold flourishes in moisture, burst pipes and unkempt bathrooms serve as conduits for mold spores. Usually, the tenant can prevent mold by diligently cleaning areas that are prone to moisture or by taking care of leaking pipes immediately. Thus, mold is considered to be a maintenance issue and is excluded from coverage by most insurance companies.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

Though mold is treated as a maintenance issue, mold can often spread through construction practices that introduce moisture to the foundation or building materials. Occasionally, coverage may be provided for structural damage where you can verify that the mold was not caused by negligence on behalf of the tenant or the property owner.

An independent agent can help you determine whether your home insurance policy will provide coverage for mold and what your options are if you find toxic mold on your property. Contact us today to tackle this important issue and find the best home insurance policies for covering mold damage on your property.