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Why Boat Insurance is a Must

If you purchased a boat recently in Lakewood, CO, you could attest that it’s an expensive investment that you ought to care of as you do to yourself. Unfortunately, perils like accidents, theft, fire, and many others are never far from your boat. If any of these mischances arises, you incur costs that you were not ready to bear. 

However, with a boat insurance policy from Colling Insurance Services Inc., you are well-covered. Here are reasons why investing in boat insurance is a no-brainer.

It may be required 

If you are interested in purchasing a personal boat but have no financial capacity to do so, you can approach a bank and ask them to finance you. Most of them will be ready to help you but under one condition — that you must obtain boat insurance coverage. 

They want to be sure the boat will be compensated in case of damages.

Liability coverage

Just as cars encounter crushes on the highways, boats also face perils in water. In unfortunate instances, your boat could crush another boat causing damages and maybe injuries. If you are the one at fault, you are held liable for the losses. Thankfully, your boat insurance comes to your rescue, protecting your finances.

Medical payments

If you or your passengers suffer injuries in a boating accident, boat insurance helps cover the resulting medical costs. Besides, it covers partial loss of income if you can’t work due to injuries. 

Protects your boat

Assume an accident, theft, or fire-ravaged your boat? This mishap would be a huge setback, especially if boating is your prime activity. However, when covered with boat insurance, your boat will be repaired or replaced without touching your pocket

Buy boat insurance today!

Are you shopping for affordable boat insurance in Lakewood, CO? Please contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. to obtain your coverage today and be a happy boater. 

Why do people in Colorado need to get umbrella insurance?

For those in and around Lakewood, CO, residents are going to have a few forms of insurance protection. Many of these, including auto or home policies, will include a provision for liability insurance. While you can receive some coverage with this insurance, it is not always enough. Due to this, having an additional umbrella insurance plan is a good idea. People here need to get an umbrella insurance plan for a few reasons.

Coverage for Significant Claims

A reason that you should get an umbrella insurance plan here is so you can get the coverage you need for significant claims. Your home and auto policies are going to have some liability coverage. However, the protection is limited to what your policy amount is. With a major claim that has a lot of damages, your liability could exceed the coverage. With an umbrella insurance plan, you are going to get additional coverage that will protect against larger claims. 

Coverage for Wider Range of Risks

You should also consider getting an umbrella insurance plan as it will give coverage for a wider range of risks. Most actual liability risks incurred by the typical person are covered by home or auto plans. However, there is always a risk that you could be named in a liability claim that is not covered. In these cases, umbrella insurance will provide support for otherwise uncovered situations. 

As you are looking to get proper liability insurance protection, getting an umbrella insurance plan is helpful. As you are looking for a new policy around Lakewood, CO, it would be wise to call Colling Insurance Services Inc. When picking a plan, there are a lot of choices that need to be made and Colling Insurance Services Inc. can help you assess your needs and build a proper umbrella insurance plan. 

Who is a good candidate for long term care insurance

Long-term care insurance offers a sense of security. Statistically speaking, it is likely you will need some sort of long-term care in your lifetime, 52% of people will. Long-term care involves different types of care. It can be assistance at home or in a facility. In Lakewood, CO, Colling Insurance Services Inc. will help you to customize your insurance coverage. We will work hard to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision.  

According to the National Institute on Aging long-term care provides services that meet a person’s personal or health care needs. It can be for a short period or a long time. The aim is to help people live as safely and independently as possible when they can’t perform ADLs (activities of daily living) on their own. Home-based care is the most common type. 

Determining who is a good candidate for long-term care insurance depends on several factors. The two most important factors are wealth and health. In order to get and benefit from a long-term care policy you need to be able to afford it, and you can’t have certain pre-existing conditions. There is a saying "your money pays for long-term care insurance, but it is your health that buys it". The best time to buy this insurance is between 60 and 65 years old 

Long-term care insurance is expensive, there is just no way around it and the cost will rise as you get older. Compared to the cost of long-term care, it is a lot less expensive. You need to apply for this insurance while you are still healthy. Almost any serious illness will disqualify you. 

Colling Insurance Services Inc. in Lakewood, CO has a team of experts who can guide you as long for long-term care insurance.  

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Acquiring a Lakewood, CO life insurance policy is fundamental as it comes in handy when you have dependents, a business, or loans. However, determining how much insurance you need can be somewhat challenging, considering that life changes daily. 

Fortunately, there are many considerations you can make to determine the amount of life insurance you need. Some of these include:


Since a life insurance policy can be used to cover your outstanding debts (such as car loans, student loans, and mortgages), you should consider an insurance policy that includes enough coverage. 

For example, if you have a mortgage of say, $250,000 and a car loan of $4,000, you will need at least $254,000 in your policy.

Insuring others

You have very many important people in your life. It could be a spouse, children, or aging parents. How much do they need before they can support themselves financially? Figuring this enables you to determine how much life insurance you need. 


Tax returns play a significant role in determining the amount of insurance you need. In this case, those who earn more need more coverage. Your Colling Insurance Services Inc. agent can assist you in managing your life insurance calculations. 


Taking a closer look at your current savings will be a bit easier to figure out the amount of insurance needed. In connection to this, if you have significant savings or investments that can cover your outstanding debts, burial and offer financial protection to your dependents, you will require less life insurance. 

The Bottom Line

A life insurance policy gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your beloved family are protected regardless of what happens. Consider the above factors when estimating your insurance need, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. of Lakewood, CO. 

3 Facts You Should Know About Health Insurance

While you might faithfully be exercising, getting adequate sleep, and taking healthy meals, diseases can still wreak havoc on our health. And if it’s not a disease, injuries can strike, leading to hospitalization. Because you can’t prevent illnesses and injuries 100 percent, you need health insurance to protect you when the unthinkable happens.

When you get health insurance from Colling Insurance Services Inc. of Lakewood CO, your medical costs are taken care of. You also prevent future illnesses by accessing preventive and routine healthcare, like vaccinations and periodic checkups. Now that you know the importance of health insurance, here are three facts you need to know before going ahead to purchase one.

Your doctor may not be covered

Various health insurance plans have varying health providers’ panel lists. As such, if you would like a specific doctor, check whether they are covered under the health insurance plan you have your eyes on. HMOs are the most limiting, restricting you to doctors within their network. PPOs give you the liberty to go outside their network, but at a higher fee.

Not all medications are covered

Just like doctors, not all treatment procedures and medications are covered in your health insurance plan. Most dental procedures aren’t covered by insurance. That said, you might want to buy a dental insurance cover for optimal dental care coverage. 

Alternative treatment procedures like acupuncture and chiropractic care may also not be covered by some health insurance plans. Be sure to check with your agent before you get a surprise after the procedure.

The lowest premium plan may not be the most affordable

With health insurance, there is a lot that determines the ultimate cost. Variables like deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance payments can quickly add up, eating up any savings made in the monthly premium payments. 

Are you looking for health insurance coverage in Lakewood, CO? Please contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. today for all your health insurance solutions.  

Is Dental Insurance Really Worth It?

Everyone needs a great smile. But catering for dental emergencies and annual cleanings or preventative care can get costly for out-of-pocket payers. The Colling Insurance Services Incorporation (CIS Inc.) provides a perfect solution for such Lakewood CO residents by offering them vital dental insurance policies. Having such a cover would be beneficial to you, but if you had the cover’s benefits, would you know which plan is ideal for you, or what’s in its fine print?

What Would a Typical CIS Inc. Dental Plan Cover? 

The typical dental insurance policy covers often cater to a part of the preventative oral care you’ll need. The policies also cover tooth extraction, oral surgery, root canals, crowns, and fillings. The covers might also take care of prosthodontics, including bridges and dentures, which ensure that your teeth are well-aligned. You may also get a cover that takes care of the supportive structures, which hold your teeth in place (Periodontics and Orthodontics). 

What Structure of Coverage Can You Get?

Many plans don’t cover all procedures to the same level. For instance, preventive care may get 100% coverage, whereas; major dental procedures may get 50% coverage. Still, some dental covers may fail to cover dental procedures such as teeth whitening, sealants, and cosmetic procedures. You may also make some co-payments to get some procedures done. You should also note that most covers have a cap or limit of the dollar amount they can cover in a year. As such, read the fine print well to know what you’ll get or won’t get from a Colling Insurance Services Inc. cover.

Why Do You Need a Dental Cover?

Dental covers from Colling Insurance Services Inc. are vital because they give Lakewood, CO residents access to emergency dental care and affordable dental care. Your monthly premium levels will often depend on the type of dental coverage plan you get, your location, and the insurance company that covers you. 

For more information about dental insurance in Lakewood, CO, reach out to us.

Workers Comp Insurance Can Protect Your Employees

If you’re operating a company and have employees, you may need workers comp insurance. That’s coverage designed to make sure your employees are protected if they’re injured at work. Depending on the kind of workers you have and the type of employment contract they fall under, it’s possible that this kind of coverage won’t be required. That’s why it’s a good idea to reach out to Colling Insurance Services Inc. if you’re in the Lakewood, CO area. Our knowledgeable agents are able to carefully consider your business needs and make sure you’re getting the right type of policy for the work your employees are involved in.

Worker’s comp can also protect you from injury if you’re a part of your business. A lot of owners, especially when they have small businesses, work at their company alongside people they hire. It’s important to make sure you and your company are properly protected, and that your employees will be able to have the type of coverage they need in order to get compensation for any work-related injuries they sustain. They don’t have to work in a dangerous profession to be at risk of harm, and even office workers can have work-based injuries that might need medical care.

Reach out to us today at Colling Insurance Services Inc. if you’re in the Lakewood, CO area and need workers comp insurance. Our trained professionals know what questions to ask in order to make sure you’re getting the right policy to cover your employees and fit your needs. Then you can have peace of mind, and be comfortable with following the employment rules for your business, too. It’s important that you focus on the protection of your company and the people who work there, so your business can thrive for years to come.

Do Lakewood businesses need commercial insurance?

If you are in the Lakewood, CO area and want to start a small business, you may find that there is a lot of opportunities to be successful. Those that choose to start a company here do need to spend time finding ways to protect their organization. A great way that any business can do this is by getting a commercial insurance policy. There are a few reasons why business owners here need to have commercial coverage at all times.

Insurance Required by Lenders

For a business that wants to grow and develop, taking out a loan is often necessary. When you do take out a business loan, it will offer you the ability to purchase inventory, hire new staff or invest in the company any other way that you want. However, commercial lenders almost always require that their customers maintain commercial insurance until the loan is repaid in full as it offers valuable protection for the bank. 

Insurance Protects Viability of Company

You will also want to get a commercial insurance plan as it can help to protect the financial viability of the business. With commercial insurance coverage, you will have protection for your company assets and against the risk of liability. This can prove to be extremely valuable and will support your business during some difficult times. 

When you would like to get a commercial insurance plan in the Lakewood, CO area, it would be a good idea for you to call Colling Insurance Services Inc. There are a lot of important decisions that need to be made when you are shopping for commercial insurance and Colling Insurance Services Inc. can make it easier for you. The team is able to help you assess your needs and build a policy that gives your business proper protection. 

What Types of Vehicles Does Toy Insurance Cover?

If you’re in the Lakewood, CO area you probably know that there are some great places to explore and have fun in nature. But to do that, you might want to do more than just hiking or biking. Instead, you might want to buy an ATV or quad, a side-by-side vehicle like a Talon or RZR, or some other type of off-road conveyance you can use on trails and in wide-open spaces. Buying and using something like that can be exciting, but make sure you take a few minutes to protect your investment, too. With toy insurance from Colling Insurance Services Inc., you can get peace of mind for all your off-road adventures.

This kind of insurance policy is specifically for "toys" that aren’t for children, like dirt bikes, ATVs, and more. These kinds of toys can be great fun, but there’s also some risk to them. Whether you’re an experienced rider or you’re new to these kinds of adventures, it’s always a good idea to make sure the fun comes with safety and security in mind, too. You don’t want anything to happen to your new ride, and protecting it with the right kind of insurance policy can make you feel much safer, so you can go out and have fun.

Reach out to us today at Colling Insurance Services Inc. We can help you find the toy insurance policy you’re looking for, and answer your questions about the coverage you need. If you’re in the Lakewood, CO area, we’re close by and ready to help. You don’t have to settle for a basic policy or not be sure what you’re getting. With us, you can have answers to your questions and a quality policy that gives you the right coverage for the adventures you want to have.

RV Insurance Can Protect You on the Road

There are a lot of great ways to enjoy the country, and one of them is through traveling in an RV. But you want to make sure you’re properly protected on all your adventures. If you’re in the Lakewood, CO area and need RV insurance, Colling Insurance Services Inc. can help. We understand that you want to protect yourself and your assets, along with having good peace of mind so you can enjoy your travels, wherever they take you. Whether you’ve owned an RV for a long time or are just thinking about buying one and need information, we’re here to help.

A lot of people only use their RV for short periods of time. But it’s still important to make sure it’s protected all year round. You might decide to take a vacation on the spur of the moment, or you may want to make sure your RV is protected from damage when it’s sitting parked in your yard or a storage location. No matter how often you use it, it’s an investment that deserves to be cared for and protected properly. That way it’s ready when you want to enjoy it, and it’s always covered so you can head out on an adventure anytime.

Reach out to us today at Colling Insurance Services Inc. and let us help you find an RV insurance policy that’s right for your needs and lifestyle. If you’re in the Lakewood, CO area, we can work with you on a policy you’re happy with, and one that will give you the right type and level of coverage and protection. Then you can enjoy your travels, spend time with family and friends, and take that vacation without worrying about whether you’re covered. Our agents are ready to help.