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What Types of Life Insurance are Available?

Life insurance is an essential financial planning tool for protecting loved ones or business partners. If you want to learn more about life insurance coverage options, the experts at Colling Insurance Services Inc. can provide you with the support and insurance products you need. We proudly serve the residents in and around the Lakewood, CO, area.

Available Life Insurance Coverage in Colorado

If you are unsure which life insurance product suits your specific needs, our team of licensed life insurance experts can help you understand each type of life insurance product we offer and match you with those that offer the most benefit. 

We can also help you understand the terms and conditions associated with each policy to ensure you are an informed consumer. We can also assist you with submitting documents to acquire your policy quickly. We can also provide ongoing customer service for the lifetime of the policy and support beneficiaries with claims submissions. 

We work with our clients to help them get the best protection for those who matter most. Let us work with you to get coverage that offers peace of mind. 

Reach Out to Colling Insurance Services Inc. Today

If you want to learn more about life insurance products that offer security, please reach out today. Feel free to call or stop by Colling Insurance Services Inc. We proudly provide a range of insurance products to the residents in and around the Lakewood, CO, area. Please don’t take chances when it comes to your life insurance coverage. Let us work with you to help you understand your options and secure the right choices to offer the best protection for you and your loved ones. 

Long Term Care Insurance: What Is It, What Can It Do For You

Health insurance will cover you should you need a hospital stay, but what about old age? Even if you avoid a tragic accident, everyone eventually gets old and may need elderly care. Long-Term Care Insurance will take care of costs should you need to enter a facility or require a live-in nurse. This will become necessary should someone over age 65 be unable to perform one of the six activities of daily life. This includes eating, dressing, bathing, transferring, toileting, or continence. A care provider may also perform instrumental activities such as cooking, housekeeping, medication management, etc. Long-term care insurance pays for what health insurance won’t.

What Long-Term Care Covers 

If you are no longer able to do a number of the activities of daily life on your own or become cognitively impaired, you become eligible for the benefits of long-term care. Your age at the time of purchase may affect the cost. Women may have to pay more because, on average, they live longer than men. A pre-existing health condition may not prevent you from getting a policy. However, the policy might not cover any care germane to that specific condition for quite some time after it goes into effect. 

Why You Should Get It

There are two main reasons for getting long-term care insurance. The first is to protect your savings. The other is to give you more options for your care. Long-term care can run quite expensive. Long-term care insurance may help you find a better quality of care than health insurance alone can. 

Contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. For Long-Term Care

If you are in the Lakewood, CO area and looking into long-term care, consider Colling Insurance Services Inc. We’re here to help you.