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When the Accident is Your Fault: What You Need to Know in Colorado

When you have been in an accident in Lakewood — or anywhere in Colorado, in fact — there are some essential things that you need to know. An accident, especially an accident that is your fault, must be taken very seriously and you need to conduct yourself properly from the moment of impact. Don’t panic: Your insurance coverage and your insurance agent are there to back you up! However, you should make this entire process as easy as possible for yourself and everyone involved by taking the right actions post-accident.

What You Need To Know When You Caused The Accident

The number one thing that you need to be aware of after your Colorado accident is that you should never discuss your guilt or innocence with anyone immediately. Even if you feel certain that the accident is your fault, you need to keep that information to yourself initially. In most accidents, there are multiple contributing factors. For example, the other driver may have contributed to the accident, there may have been road conditions that contributed, perhaps weather conditions were partially responsible, or even a malfunction in your vehicle or another person’s vehicle could have contributed. These are all factors that you can’t be aware of immediately after the accident. You need to wait until the authorities discover factors that could have contributed to the accident because they are the ones who will assign guilt here, it is not your job to do so. Do not discuss the accident with other involved drivers in any way, and wait until the police arrive to produce your insurance information. Give your insurance coverage information only to the police.

You need to contact your insurance coverage provider as soon as possible. Your insurance agent is your best friend during this difficult time, so it is important that you are as forthcoming as you can possibly be. Your agent will help to file claims, to deal with the other people involved, and to handle any problems arising from the accident.

Accidents are the time when insurance agents truly shine, so allow your insurance provider to help you through this!

Is there Homeowners Insurance for a Home that Needs Repair in Lakewood, CO?

Often it is easier to afford a home if it is a fixer upper in Lakewood, Colorado. There are many foreclosure properties on the market and investing in a home in a great neighborhood can be a great deal. The problem arises when you need to find a homeowners insurance policy for a home that needs repair. At this point, you need to contact an insurance agent in your local area who can help.

Many insurance companies will have strict requirements about what they will and will not cover when you are refurbishing your older home. Whether the repairs are major or minor, you will need to choose a policy that will protect your investment in the event of a disaster. Usually and insurance agent can compare multiple quotes for the type of coverage you are looking for. You will need to assess how much your home is worth in its current condition. When you finish the repairs to your home, you may then need to increase the amount of your coverage. Colorado may see damage from wind or snow and making sure your insurance plan will cover expenses if your home is damaged is important.

Contact an insurance agent who will not only find a rate you can afford, but will compare quotes from several top providers. You want to find a company that stands behind its coverage and will be there when you need it. If you purchase a plan just because it is cheap, it may not take care of your needs when you file a claim. It is better to spend a little extra money upfront and know you are fully insured. Using an insurance agent in Lakewood, CO is the best way to get the coverage you need, for your home that needs repair.

Why it’s Important to Check to see if you Have Off-Premise Protection on Your Policy in Lakewood, CO

It is very important to make sure you have off-premise protection with your home insurance policy in Lakewood, Colorado. This is a portion of your policy that will take care of your possessions while you are traveling or away from home. Usually this type of coverage is included in your insurance premium, but you may want to check to make sure. If you are looking to update your insurance plan, make sure you ask about off-premise protection.

Imagine you are traveling out of the country on business or vacation. You leave your luggage outside the hotel while checking in. When you return – your luggage is gone! This could be disastrous. You peaceful relaxing vacation has now turned into a nightmare. Luckily, if you have off-premise protection with your insurance policy, you will be able to quickly file a claim and be reimbursed for your losses. Off-premise insurance will also take care of the items your children take with them when they go off to college and live in a dorm. It is important to check and make sure you have this coverage on your Colorado homeowners insurance policy. If your child’s computer, television, iPod or other items were taken from his dorm room, you would be able to file a claim.

Off-premise coverage is important whether you travel often or only occasionally. The additional amount on your premium is worth the protection it offers you and your family. When you have your local insurance agent compare quotes for homeowners insurance, make sure they include the comprehensive coverage on your plan. You can easily find great rates for insurance when you shop online. Working with an independent agent makes the process simple and you will know you are getting the coverage you need in Lakewood, Colorado.

Preventing Accidents in a Parking Lot in Colorado

Parking lots are surprisingly dangerous places for drivers, with the busiest of lots the scene of frequent accidents. And accidents in parking lots will cause your car insurance rates to rise just as much as will accidents on busy highways or side streets. Fortunately, preventing accidents in a parking lot requires little more than normal safe-driving habits.

As any resident of Lakewood knows, the area’s shopping malls, lifestyle centers and strip malls become busy places on weekends, holidays and after normal working hours. This is good for merchants. It’s not so good for motorists trying to navigate the sometimes confusuing parking lots outside Lakewood shops.

Parking lots are notorious for blind spots. It can be difficult for motorists to get a clear view of their surroundings when their parked car is surrounded by mini-vans and SUVs. Parking lots are also often home to confused pedestrians who can’t remember where they parked. These pedestrians often forget to focus on the other vehicles in the lot as they chat on their cell phones or search fruitlessly for their own cars.

Add to this the generally crowded condition of parking lots throughout Colorado and you a recipe for a high number of fedner benders or worse.

The best method of preventing accidents in a parking lot? First, drive slowly, at all times, when you are navigating a parking lot. Parking lots have many hidden corners from which other motorists can come. Secondly, make sure to back out of any parking space very slowly and cautiously. This way you’ll have enough time to react should a pedestrian or car get too close.

And finally, never talk on your phone while drivnig through a parking lot. You need to be fully aware of your surroundings, and you can’t be that if you’re sharing the highlights of your day with your spouse or sister.