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How Boat Insurance Protects You

If you’re a boat owner, you need to be covered with a boat insurance policy. These policies are exactly what you need to protect yourself when you go boating. Colorado doesn’t require you to have a boat insurance property, but you still need one to be well-protected. Many things can happen when you go boating or even have your boat out of water. These expensive events could force you to sell your assets to pay for them. To keep that from happening, get a boar insurance policy. Call us at Colling Insurance Services, Inc. in Lakewood, CO to get one.

Boating Accidents

You might not hear much about them, but boating accidents happen all the time. They work much like auto accidents do on land. When two watercraft get into an accident, the fault of the accident must be determined so that you know who is liable for paying the costs. If you have a boating accident that you’re at fault for causing, paying for damages and medical bills can be expensive. You’ll also have to pay for the damage to your own boat and personal articles. For this reason, you need at least liability coverage for your boat. This pays for the other party’s expenses from the accident. 

Other Boat Coverage

You need to have collision coverage to get coverage that pays for your own boat damages after an accident. This pays for your own damages, even if you were at fault for an accident. When your boat isn’t in the water, it can be covered by comprehensive coverage added to your policy. 

Get Boat Insurance

When you need boat insurance protection, call us at Colling Insurance Services, Inc. in Lakewood, CO to get started. 

Do Non-Profits Need Umbrella Insurance?

When running a non-profit, you know protecting all your team is working toward is vital. Having the correct type of insurance policy can help you rest assured that your non-profit’s income flow will be protected in various situations. At Colling Insurance Services Inc., our team is here to provide Lakewood, CO residents with the insurance policies they need to protect their hard work. 

What Type of Insurance Does a Non-Profit Organization Need?

Budgets can be tight in non-profits, and it makes sense that you might try to cut costs. Insurance is one area where you don’t want to skimp. An unexpected event can cause your team’s hard work to vanish, but a solid insurance policy can help to ensure that you’re protected. 

In addition to general liability insurance, having an umbrella insurance policy in place for your non-profit organization is a good idea. An umbrella policy will protect your business if you have an issue that isn’t covered by your other insurance policies. It’s important to work closely with an insurance agent when deciding whether an umbrella policy is the right fit for you, as you’ll want to carefully consider your current coverage to determine if you’re fully protected.

Colling Insurance Services Inc.: Serving Lakewood, CO 

At Colling Insurance Services Inc., our team proudly serves Lakewood, CO residents. No matter what type of insurance policy you need, our team is here to help you with all your insurance needs. Reach out to us today or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you rest assured that your non-profit is protected.