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On What Basis Do Insurance Companies Determine What Your Claim is Worth in Lakewood, Colorado?

When you are in an accident in the Lakewood, Colorado area, you will want to know about the way your home insurance policy works. The problem that you might face is determining how much you are actually likely to obtain after the accident and processing of your claim. Although the exact process and method of determining the value will vary based on the policy and coverage on your home or car, you can calculate an estimate of the value you can expect.

Current Value of the Item

A key part of determining the replacement value or repair cost starts with evaluating the value of the item. A home insurance company will often use that determining factor to start evaluating how much you should receive in your claim.


In some cases, the home insurance company will consider the depreciation on the item before giving any funds. When a home insurance policy does not completely replace the full value of replacement costs or the exact repair expenses, it is likely that the company will consider giving the value minus the depreciation on the item.

Estimate Repairs or Medical Costs

Depending on the accident, the home insurance policy and the specifics of the situation, the worth of the claim might be determined by a medical professional or a repair professional. Professionals will be able to give an estimate to the insurance company, which is then used to establish the amount that the company owes to the insured individual after a deductible.

Every company will have a different method of calculating the actual worth of a claim, which can make it seem like a complicated process. Although the exact figures will vary, the details of coverage are provided in the paperwork. If you want to know more about your specific coverage or coverage you are considering, contact us today to talk to an independent agent.

Do Older Drivers in Lakewood Pay More for Colorado Car Insurance?

Finding the right auto insurance policy requires some research, but it also requires an understanding of the common myths that are regularly stated. Among the myths that Colorado drivers might assume is true is the myth that older drivers pay more for coverage than younger drivers.

Idea Behind the Myth

The idea behind the myth that older drivers in Lakewood actually pay more for car insurance is related to challenges older men and women might have with health and wellness.

It is a common belief that older men and women are more likely to have health conditions, problems seeing or similar issues that might cloud their ability to drive. The reality of the situation is that as long as they are legally allowed to drive and do not have major issues that present driving risks, an older man or woman is not likely to pay a significant premium for coverage.

Reality of Coverage Costs

The cost of insuring a vehicle is not solely related to the age of the driver. Although young drivers are considered a higher risk due to the lack of experience, that is not the case for older men and women. The reality is that older men and women are actually able to get better rates due to discounts that apply to their account, improved experience and a long history that provides details into driving habits.

Protecting a motor vehicle from damage in the event of a crash or accident requires some consideration for the factors that impact the cost. Although many factors are involved in increasing the expense, getting older does not mean that the price will increase. To learn more about the myths associated with driving in Lakewood, Colorado, contact us today to speak to an independent agent.

Is glass in my home insured under home insurance policy in Lakewood, Colorado?

Glass doors, windows, and fixtures are easy to break yet expensive to replace. While glass structures are technically covered by homeowners insurance, regular policies are often inadequate for covering the total loss. When you are insuring your Lakewood, Colorado home, it is a good idea to determine the level of coverage you need for the glass on your property.

When Glass Objects are Covered

If you encounter a disaster, such as a hail storm or thunderstorm, that damages your glass windows or sliding glass doors, your regular homeowners insurance policy should cover the damage. However, when just the glass structures are damaged, you might not meet your deductible and will likely have have to pay out of pocket. Filing small claims can be counterproductive because it will generally trigger a higher premium when you renew your homeowners insurance.

However, if you incur significant damage from natural disasters or vandalism, your home insurance will kick in to cover the replacement or repair costs. However, keep in mind that if you cause the damage, your claim will be denied by the homeowners insurance company.

Advantages of Glass Insurance

If glass is a prominent structural element in your home, it may be worthwhile for you to purchase glass insurance. Glass insurance is a rider that can be added to your policy and that specifically covers damage to glass as the result of natural disaster and acts of vandalism.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

An independent agent can help you determine the best way to protect the glass structures on your property. If adding glass insurance is your best bet, we can help you find the best rates on a glass insurance rider for your homeowners policy. Contact us today to keep your home sound and properly insured.

Are there any limits on valuables such as computers or jewelry in my home policy in Lakewood, CO?

When you have a home insurance policy in a place like Lakewood, Colorado, you think of that policy as covering everything that’s inside your home, along with the actual structure. However, it’s very important that you look carefully at the coverage you have. It may not be what you think it is, and there could be strict limits on how much reimbursement you can receive for damage or loss of valuables, jewelry, and computers. You don’t want to end up losing out on something you can’t afford to replace.

Rather than take that risk, come see us. As an independent agent, we can provide you with quotes from multiple insurance companies. That will allow you to choose the coverage you like and avoid anything that isn’t going to benefit you. It’s not necessary to pay too much to get a good insurance policy, and it helps to have an agent on your side. Let us find what works for you. Be sure you’re up front about your computers, jewelry, or other valuables, in case the standard protection for them is not enough. Often, extra coverage can be added.

Increasing your home insurance policy amounts will raise your premiums, but usually not by a large amount. It’s much better to pay a few extra dollars a year to cover everything you have than realize you don’t have enough coverage when you need it. Each insurance company can set its own standard limits, so you may be able to find the right home insurance policy without needing extra coverage for certain items in your house. We’ll help you compare prices and amounts, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the right insurance for a good price.