Do Older Drivers in Lakewood Pay More for Colorado Car Insurance?

Finding the right auto insurance policy requires some research, but it also requires an understanding of the common myths that are regularly stated. Among the myths that Colorado drivers might assume is true is the myth that older drivers pay more for coverage than younger drivers.

Idea Behind the Myth

The idea behind the myth that older drivers in Lakewood actually pay more for car insurance is related to challenges older men and women might have with health and wellness.

It is a common belief that older men and women are more likely to have health conditions, problems seeing or similar issues that might cloud their ability to drive. The reality of the situation is that as long as they are legally allowed to drive and do not have major issues that present driving risks, an older man or woman is not likely to pay a significant premium for coverage.

Reality of Coverage Costs

The cost of insuring a vehicle is not solely related to the age of the driver. Although young drivers are considered a higher risk due to the lack of experience, that is not the case for older men and women. The reality is that older men and women are actually able to get better rates due to discounts that apply to their account, improved experience and a long history that provides details into driving habits.

Protecting a motor vehicle from damage in the event of a crash or accident requires some consideration for the factors that impact the cost. Although many factors are involved in increasing the expense, getting older does not mean that the price will increase. To learn more about the myths associated with driving in Lakewood, Colorado, contact us today to speak to an independent agent.