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Eye Opening Insurance Facts

Insurance is often a large expense. In a rocky economy with most family’s facing reduced incomes, it may seem logical to reduce insurance expenses in in the budget. Resist this urge. Having insurance could save you thousands of dollars if life throws an event covered by the policy your way. From Commerce City to Green Valley Ranch and beyond, it is important to make sure your family is properly insured.

Here are some eye-opening statistics to consider before you reduce or eliminate your insurance coverage. The United States Social Security Administration estimates that three out of every ten working adults will become disabled at some point during their employment. There is a car accident every eight seconds in the United States. Two out of three bankruptcies are because of medical bills because the individual didn’t have health insurance.

Health, disability and car insurance can save you significant amount of money in any of these instances. Yes, that premium amount coming every month from you paycheck to cover health insurance may be a chunk of your income. However, considering an emergency room visit for a broken wrist might cost you a hundred dollars for your co-pay if you have insurance or two thousand dollars if you don’t have it, it’s a smart investment. Insurance provides peace of mind in addition to savings.

How an Insurance Consultant can Help

To a lot of inquirers, the subject of insurance can seem like a foreign and extremely overwhelming one, especially when there is so much to consider when shopping for a policy. The obvious benefit to owning any kind of insurance is protection. For example, Health insurance covers you in case of medical emergencies, life insurance warrants financial security, homeowners and car insurance safeguards you in the case of property damage and business insurance protects your assets.

The top three things policy shoppers look for when in the market are; annual cost of policy, benefits providing and services the company offers. However, there are a lot more that you should consider before you commit to a company and a policy that you may not be aware of. So, this is when an insurance consultant becomes a valuable resource.

An insurance consultant is a specialist who assists corporations as well as individuals in the area of insurance. It is their job is to make the process of attaining insurance effortless for you. The consultant will pinpoint your exact insurance needs and then creates a coverage plan for you or your business. The specialist will also recommend accredited companies and appropriate policies. He or she will even explain plan benefits and services while also answering any looming questions.

So, to the insurance novice this kind of consultant is indispensable. Insurance consultants can provide their services either virtually or in office. So whether you live in Green Valley Ranch or Glendale you can find a consultant to help you on your journey to policy ownership.

Lowering Costs for High Risk Drivers

When you’re a high risk driver, which may include young drivers, old drivers, those who have had a major accident, and drivers who have had alcohol-related traffic citations or license suspensions, getting auto insurance can be expensive. But drivers in Mountain View, Green Valley Ranch, Montclair, and surrounding areas have several options at their disposal. Consider the following ways that high risk drivers can lower their auto insurance costs.

Taking Higher Deductibles: The lower your deductibles are, the higher the auto insurance premiums will be. Taking higher deductibles still gives you coverage in a major incident, but decreases what you pay for insurance on an ongoing basis.

Driver Safety Discounts: Many insurance companies give a special discount to drivers who complete a defensive driving course or other safety-related course. Others monitor your driving habits remotely and offer a discount if the data shows that you drive defensively.

Pay Upfront: You can often get a discount on your insurance policy by paying the whole amount upfront rather than paying in monthly installments. After making your first lump payment, usually for six months, start saving a little money each month to pay the next chunk when it renews in six months.

Shopping around to get quotes from several car insurance companies can also help you find the best rate for car insurance, given that each company calculates premiums differently.

Getting Back on Your Feet with Insurance (and Without)

Disasters, large and small, are an inevitability. Nearly all of us will be face with one at some time in our lives. Here in Colorado, for instance, we are particularly vulnerable to wildfires, tornadoes and winter storms, among other hazards. How quickly and easily we recover, however, can be predicted by whether we prepared in advance with adequate insurance coverage.

Each winter in areas like Glendale, Montclair, Wheat Ridge and other Colorado towns, snow, cold and high winds damage local homes and businesses. Those who do not have insurance face greater obstacles to recovery than those who were covered. Experts estimate that 25% of businesses never reopen their doors after a natural disaster. Among businesses that are closed for 10 days or more due to a disaster, 50% will fold within five years.

Having adequate insurance can make all the difference. Insurance will cover the repair or replacement of damaged property, and will cover gaps in business if you have had to close due to damage from a disaster.

Even a small disaster like a broken pipe can cost thousands of dollars in damage. Without insurance, you can get stuck with the costs of repairing buildings and replacing damaged possessions. Sadly, these out of pocket costs can sometimes mean the difference between continuing to operate your business and having to close.