Eye Opening Insurance Facts

Insurance is often a large expense. In a rocky economy with most family’s facing reduced incomes, it may seem logical to reduce insurance expenses in in the budget. Resist this urge. Having insurance could save you thousands of dollars if life throws an event covered by the policy your way. From Commerce City to Green Valley Ranch and beyond, it is important to make sure your family is properly insured.

Here are some eye-opening statistics to consider before you reduce or eliminate your insurance coverage. The United States Social Security Administration estimates that three out of every ten working adults will become disabled at some point during their employment. There is a car accident every eight seconds in the United States. Two out of three bankruptcies are because of medical bills because the individual didn’t have health insurance.

Health, disability and car insurance can save you significant amount of money in any of these instances. Yes, that premium amount coming every month from you paycheck to cover health insurance may be a chunk of your income. However, considering an emergency room visit for a broken wrist might cost you a hundred dollars for your co-pay if you have insurance or two thousand dollars if you don’t have it, it’s a smart investment. Insurance provides peace of mind in addition to savings.

One thought on “Eye Opening Insurance Facts

  1. Mike Conner

    I would never cut out parts of my insurance to save a few dollars a month. That $10 I will save each month will not please me when I need the insurance coverage that I discarded to save that money. Instead, review your insurance policy and compare rates every 6-12 months, there’s always another way to save money. Don’t skip on insurance.

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