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Learn More about Boat Insurance

There is nothing as exciting as boating. Imagine the buzz of an outbound fishing line, wind in your hair and feeling the snap of the mainsail. This way, it is no wonder if you wish to have a recreational boating. Where there are boaters, insurers follow.

Purchasing boat insurance has never been easy. This is because boats are somehow an odd duck in the insurance world. You have to put some aspects into in-depth consideration while purchasing boat insurance in Lakewood, CO. Fortunately Colling Insurance Services Inc. is there to provide you with the coverage you need and help you learn more about the insurance requirement of the state. Some of the essential things you need to know about boat insurance include; 

Your homeowner coverage does not include your boat

The only types of watercrafts that are protected under your personal property policy are small boats and canoes. As long as your boat has a motor, it will require a separate coverage. Boat insurance almost resembles auto insurance requirements.

Boat insurance keeps you safe from a variety of disasters

There are numerous catastrophes that you are likely to encounter while riding or relaxing on your boat and boat coverage protects you in cases such as storms, theft, sinking, explosion, capsizing, and collision.

It is vital to have physical damage coverage

Both are an expensive investment due to their expensive equipment. This policy protects you from losses regarding trailer, equipment, motor or any other boat-related parts.

Taking your time to review your specific insurance needs will help you shop for the best policy. Learn more about the coverage before rushing to buying one since every policy is designed to suit a specific need. To learn more about boat insurance in Lakewood, CO, contact Colling insurance services Inc. and let us answer any questions you may have concerning boat insurance and assist you to make the right purchase.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance

While most people have some form of insurance coverage on either home or car, it may not always provide them with enough insurance coverage. For Lakewood, CO residents that need additional insurance coverage, one great option would be to get umbrella insurance that provides you with additional personal liability coverage. There are several situations in which you could need insurance coverage.

You Have Significant Personal Assets

One incident in which you could use additional umbrella insurance coverage is if you have significant personal assets. Liability insurance on your home or auto policy will have a limitation that could be well below your personal net worth. This means that if you are found liable and are sued, you could risk losing some of your personal assets as well. To help cover yourself, having an umbrella policy that goes beyond your home and auto policy would be beneficial. 

More Potential for Liability

Another situation in which you should have an umbrella policy is if you have more potential for personal liability.  If you run a business, own real estate, or have another operation that poses more personal liability than the norm, having additional coverage could be very beneficial. An umbrella liability insurance policy should be able to provide you with coverage for all potential risks. 

In conclusion, if you feel that you are in need of more personal liability insurance coverage, a great option would be to get an umbrella insurance policy. When you are looking for a new umbrella insurance policy, a great option would be to reach out to Colling Insurance Services, Inc. Colling Insurance Services, Inc. is a leading insurance company serving Lakewood, CO and other areas that can provide you with a range of services. They will help you determine what level of umbrella insurance you need and provide you with a quote for a policy that provides adequate coverage.