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Will I need separate insurance for dental and vision?

Colling Insurance Services Inc. serving Lakewood, CO helps individuals and families get the health care they need. There have been several changes in health care plans in the last several years, leading to different kinds of choices. Employers are required to offer insurance more than before, but they are not required to offer dental or vision policies except for pediatric policies. If they do offer dental or vision packages, they can offer any plan they find suitable, and require employees to buy the health insurance and treat the dental or vision insurance as an add-on.

Fortunately, Many Stand-Alone Plans are Available

Maintaining current dental and vision plans and making use of them helps keep you healthy. Luckily, you currently have several choices as to which dental and vision plan you can choose. If you cannot obtain a dental or vision package with your health insurance package, for whatever reason, you can choose a policy that is separate, even from a completely separate carrier.

Two Types of Dental Plans

Traditional insurance plans have the insured pay a monthly premium with a possible deductible and copayments. An HMO plan will tell you which providers are in your network, a PPO will give you more freedom, and an indemnity plan will repay you after you receive services.

The alternative plan lets you pay a monthly or yearly fee, but then instead of specific benefits you are eligible to receive certain discounts. 

Vision Insurance

People with vision insurance tend to use it. Regular eye exams don’t just monitor your ability to see close or far away; they look for other health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and brain tumors.

If you are need help finding a plan, call Colling Insurance Services Inc. serving Lakewood, CO today.

Do You Need Workers Compensation Insurance for a Family Business?

At Colling Insurance Services Inc. serving the greater Lakewood, CO area, we are often asked questions about workers compensation insurance and family owned businesses. Many small businesses wonder if they need this type of insurance if they are a family owned and run a business. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when determining if you need workers comp insurance. 

Do You Have Employees? 

If you have any employees who are not family, even if it is just one person, you need workers compensation insurance. Many family-owned businesses have outside help from non-family members.  If you do not have any employees, you may not need workers compensation insurance. 

Are Your Family Members Helping or Employees? 

The next question to ask yourself is whether your family members are helping you out or are employees. Do your grown kids stop by your shop and help you out for a couple hours a week in their free time, or do they have a set schedule they have to work? If they have a set schedule and you rely on them, they are likely considered employees and you should cover them under a workers compensation policy. 

Do You Pay Your Family Members as Employees? 

The last question to ask is whether you pay your family members as employees. If you slide them $20 here or there for helping you out with a project, they may not be employees. But if you pay them weekly or bi-weekly for their work, they are an employee and you need to cover them with workers compensation insurance. 

If you still are not sure if you need workers compensation insurance in the Lakewood, CO area, let Colling Insurance Services Inc. help. Call us today and one of our agents can answer your questions and determine whether you need this insurance coverage or not.