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What A New Business Owner Should Consider When Seeking Commercial Insurance

A new business owner should seek adequate insurance coverage to protect their place of business, inventory, and equipment. Learn about some of the steps that should be taken to acquire adequate coverage.

An Appraisal

An appraisal of a business will indicate how much coverage is needed. The appraisal should include the value of the business and the land it is situated on. Any assets, including vehicles and equipment, should also be appraised.

A Consultation

A business owner can consult with one of our agents who serve Lakewood, CO. During the consultation with a Colling Insurance Services Inc. agent, the business owner can provide the agent with details about their place of business.

Many types of business insurance will protect a business owner. Our agent will outline how much coverage each type of insurance will provide. They will recommend insurance products that will provide the level of protection the business owner is seeking.

The Documents

When a client is ready to purchase business insurance, they will be provided with some documents outlining the coverage being obtained.

The Lakewood, CO agent who is providing services will outline the coverage. They will request that the client sign the insurance documents. If a client has a change in circumstances in the future, they can meet with the same insurance agent to modify their existing coverage.

Additional Information

If you are a business owner and are seeking insurance coverage, contact one of our agents at Colling Insurance Services Inc. today. The agent you speak with will help you prepare the insurance documents you need to provide your place of business with adequate coverage.

Who Benefits From Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

When you own a business with any number of employees, it’s essential that you have a worker’s compensation policy. This insurance is vital for protecting both you and your employees. These policies benefit both you as a business owner and the employees it covers. If you don’t yet have a worker’s compensation policy, it’s time to call us at Colling Insurance Services, Inc., in Lakewood, CO to find out more. 

It Benefits the Business Owner

Running a business can be complicated, but it can also pose dangers to workers. If a worker were injured or contracted a work-related illness there, this policy would pay the ensuing bills. These bills often include medical bills, but there may also be other costs. These can consist of the wages the worker lost when recovering from the injury or illness. Money may also be required for long-term care or even for pain and suffering. When you have this insurance, it protects you against most lawsuits. They can work with the insurance company instead of suing you after an accident. 

It Protects the Employees

If an employee gets sick or injured at work, they need to know that the funds will be available to pay for the medical costs and other bills. They benefit from worker’s compensation insurance because it provides those funds. They won’t have to worry that a small business can’t generate the money for their expenses. The money will be there when it’s needed. 

Get Your Worker’s Comp Policy

Keep both yourself and your employees protected with one of the vital policies. To get more information about these policies and to get started with one, give us a call at Colling Insurance Services, Inc., in Lakewood, CO.