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Tips for Novices Regarding the Changing Your Motorcycle’s Oil

People in the vicinity of Lakewood, CO view the task of changing a motorcycle’s oil from all angles. Some enjoy connecting with their ride and getting dirty. While others  panic at the thought of holding a wrench and becoming a greasy, oily mess.

The anxiety generated by those dreading this necessary maintenance task directly conflicts with a fundamental reason for Riding a Cycle: It Relieves Stress.  And if you love driving the terrain of the communities surrounding Lakewood, CO, contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. to meet all of your insurance needs.

Familiarize yourself with your motorcycle by:

Reading and Researching

Have you ever heard the old adage that ‘If one can read, one can cook? This exact sentiment holds true for a variety of issues we encounter throughout our daily lives, and, as such, this includes the art of changing a motorcycle’s oil.

The owner’s manual describes this information using broad strokes, but it is a great starting point. Here is where you find the basic specifications regarding your motorcycle. To find a more in-depth analysis, check out the Workshop Manual issued by the bike’s manufacturer. If you prefer to talk to an insurance expert, contact the professionals at Colling Insurance Services Inc.

Be organized

Start your own maintenance log. Be smart and record the bike’s specs you found from the workshop manual, so they are easily accessible. Also include:

  • The Date
  • The Type and Quantity of Oil
  • Notes you want to remember for the next oil change  

Use the right tools

Be flexible

As with anything new, it make take some time to acclimate yourself to the nuances of your bike. Be patient and ask for help.

Allot for Time Appropriately

Give yourself ample time any unforeseen snafus or interruptions.






What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Your RV (recreational vehicle) provides you with safe travels and fun times as you explore both new and familiar places. Make sure you protect your investment by adequately insuring your RV. You do that with your RV insurance policy, which applies to vehicles like motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels. Here’s what you need to know about this essential type of coverage that is like a mix of automobile insurance and home insurance all rolled into one.

What RV Insurance Covers

As is true for any insurance, RV insurance has specific things it covers. They include:

– Your personal belongings inside the RV, such as if they are stolen
– Any special equipment such as generators and appliances
– Roadside assistance services, such as towing
– Replacement cost of the vehicle if necessary, depending on various issues like the age of the RV
– Liability at a campsite
– Collision and comprehensive for problems like theft, flood and fire
– Protection for accessories that are permanently attached to the RV 
– Accidents such as if a guest slips and falls in the RV

Additional Covered Items

Although that list of what’s covered under RV insurance is long, there are still more items that are popular to add to RV insurance coverage. They include:

– Repair of awnings on sides of the RV
– Coverage of injuries and property damage, which can be included under trip insurance coverage
– Injuries to pet in the RV
– Damage to trailers or golf carts being towed behind the RV

Now that you know about RV insurance and what it covers, it’s time to make sure you have the proper RV insurance coverage. If you need insurance for your RV, we at Colling Insurance Services Inc. serving Lakewood, CO can certainly help. Give us a call today so we can explain the options.