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Myth: Lakewood Myths You Need to Know About

Investing in life insurance is a wise choice, especially for people who have lots of dependents. Life insurance funds can be used in any way that a beneficiary wants, including paying off a mortgage, covering funeral expenses, moving to a new home, etc. If you are considering investing in a life insurance plan, make sure to first speak with a qualified agent serving the Lakewood area at Colling Insurance Services Inc. Also, make sure that you don’t fall victim to either of these life insurance myths. 

Myth #1: Only people who have children need life insurance

Children are a great reason to invest in life insurance because the funds can be used to pay for their college tuition, to buy a home, and it can be spent in many other ways. Still yet, though, even if you don’t have children, there’s still a chance that you might want to invest in life insurance. If you have a spouse who depends on you for financial support, then life insurance is of the utmost importance. The primary purpose of investing in this type of insurance vehicle is to ensure that your beneficiaries can maintain their same standard of living once you pass away. 

Myth #2: Life insurance doesn’t make for a good investment

When investing in term life insurance, many people think that they are wasting their money because there’s always the chance that the policyholder won’t pass away during the predetermined number of years that the policy is created for. Still yet, though, life insurance is a great investment when invested properly. The best way to make sure you invest in a policy that makes for a good investment is by speaking with a qualified agent serving the Lakewood from Colling Insurance Services. 


Stay Safe When Carving Pumpkins with Friends

Carving pumpkins and lighting jack-o-lanterns is a longstanding Halloween tradition. On the night of October 31, orange globes illuminate yards, walkways and homes. Every year, though, there are accidents associated with jack-o-lanterns. At Colling Insurance Services, we want to remind everyone who will be carving a pumpkin this year to do so safely, and we’ve compiled a few tips to help keep you, your family, and your friends from having a mishap.

Jack-O-Lantern Safety

Carving a pumpkin shouldn’t be any more dangerous than cutting up a squash for dinner. After all, pumpkins are just big squashes. Often however, people aren’t as cautious when they’re carving a pumpkin as when they’re chopping on the kitchen counter. Remember to pay attention to what you’re doing when carving a pumpkin, and to:

  • never use a knife while intoxicated
  • supervise children when they’re carving
  • avoid placing finished jack-o-lanterns where people will walk
  • illuminate jack-o-lanterns with lights rather than candles

The latter two suggestions won’t keep anyone from cutting themselves, but they can help reduce the risk of tripping or starting a fire.

Home Insurance Coverages

Before making the first cut into a pumpkin, you may want to review your home insurance coverages. Your homeowners insurance’s liability coverage may cover accidents related to pumpkin carving, and its fire protection might cover fires started by candles in jack-o-lanterns. Whether its coverages will provide protection in these types of scenarios will depend on your policy’s terms and conditions, and the incident.

For help determining what types of accidents your homeowners insurance covers, contact us. Our agents are licensed to help residents of Colorado with their insurance needs, so they can help you with your homeowners insurance if you live in Lakewood, CO. To get in touch with them, send us a message online.