Getting Back on Your Feet with Insurance (and Without)

Disasters, large and small, are an inevitability. Nearly all of us will be face with one at some time in our lives. Here in Colorado, for instance, we are particularly vulnerable to wildfires, tornadoes and winter storms, among other hazards. How quickly and easily we recover, however, can be predicted by whether we prepared in advance with adequate insurance coverage.

Each winter in areas like Glendale, Montclair, Wheat Ridge and other Colorado towns, snow, cold and high winds damage local homes and businesses. Those who do not have insurance face greater obstacles to recovery than those who were covered. Experts estimate that 25% of businesses never reopen their doors after a natural disaster. Among businesses that are closed for 10 days or more due to a disaster, 50% will fold within five years.

Having adequate insurance can make all the difference. Insurance will cover the repair or replacement of damaged property, and will cover gaps in business if you have had to close due to damage from a disaster.

Even a small disaster like a broken pipe can cost thousands of dollars in damage. Without insurance, you can get stuck with the costs of repairing buildings and replacing damaged possessions. Sadly, these out of pocket costs can sometimes mean the difference between continuing to operate your business and having to close.