Lowering Costs for High Risk Drivers

When you’re a high risk driver, which may include young drivers, old drivers, those who have had a major accident, and drivers who have had alcohol-related traffic citations or license suspensions, getting auto insurance can be expensive. But drivers in Mountain View, Green Valley Ranch, Montclair, and surrounding areas have several options at their disposal. Consider the following ways that high risk drivers can lower their auto insurance costs.

Taking Higher Deductibles: The lower your deductibles are, the higher the auto insurance premiums will be. Taking higher deductibles still gives you coverage in a major incident, but decreases what you pay for insurance on an ongoing basis.

Driver Safety Discounts: Many insurance companies give a special discount to drivers who complete a defensive driving course or other safety-related course. Others monitor your driving habits remotely and offer a discount if the data shows that you drive defensively.

Pay Upfront: You can often get a discount on your insurance policy by paying the whole amount upfront rather than paying in monthly installments. After making your first lump payment, usually for six months, start saving a little money each month to pay the next chunk when it renews in six months.

Shopping around to get quotes from several car insurance companies can also help you find the best rate for car insurance, given that each company calculates premiums differently.