Will my auto insurance cover damages to a third party in Lakewood, Colorado?

When you are talking about auto insurance in Lakewood, Colorado, you could think of the term "third party" in two different ways. Most commonly when you ask if your auto insurance will cover damages to a third party, you are referring to a situation where the third party is someone that you agreed to loan your car to and that person was driving and got into an accident.

In the case where you mean that you were driving and got into an accident with another car, causing damages to someone or some other property that was not in either vehicle, your auto insurance liability coverage will cover damages to that third party, provided the accident was found to be your fault.

That all sounds very confusing and it is a little confusing because of the ambiguity of the term "third party." An example might help to clear up the confusion. Suppose you are driving down the street in Lakewood and you slam into another car. The accident was obviously your fault and you would have liability for damages and any injuries to the car and individual driving the car that you hit.

Well what happens if the skis on top of your car fly off and go sailing through the window of a small shop that just happened to be next to the spot where the accident occurred? The shop owner is an innocent third party and your auto insurance would pay to have the shopkeeper’s window replaced and for any other damage directly related to the accident you were responsible for causing.

As your independent agent, here in Lakewood Colorado, we see this type of thing happen on occasion. It is not unexpected, but it is unusual. If you would like to know more about third party drivers or innocent third party bystanders and how your auto insurance carrier deals with claims involving them, give us a call and an independent agent will give you a complete explanation.