Does Homeowner’s Policy in Lakewood, Colorado, Pay for Mold Damages?

Mold can be devastating. It often grows undetected by homeowners for long periods of time. Once it is found, it is hard to contain and clean up can be very expensive. Yet, for people in the Lakewood, Colorado area, there could be help available.

Is Your Homeowner’s Policy Going to Cover It?

There isn’t a clear answer as to whether or not your insurance policy will pay for mold in your home. Generally, this depends on what caused the mold in the first place. Generally, some policies provide coverage but only for those instances in which the mold is caused by a covered type of water damage.

Most policies do not cover any type of maintenance problem that could bring on the mold. For example, water leaking from a faucet is not likely covered. Most policies also exclude any mold that is the result of a flood, especially if you do not have flood insurance specifically.

On the other hand, mold that occurs as the result of a fire (and the water used to put it out by firefighters) this type of coverage may apply. The key here is to talk directly to your insurance carrier to determine if it is included in your policy. Even in some non-maintenance instances, mold damage may be specifically written as a non-covered event in your policy.

Not Sure If Your Policy Is Effective for Damages?

Let our independent agent help you to find out what is covered and what you may need additional protection from right now. You can use our comparative analysis tool to help find available policies for your needs. In many cases, you can get quotes from multiple providers, compare them to each other, and find the one that offers the best level of protection for your home.