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What Lakewood, CO Boat Owners Know About Insurance

Boat ownership is often considered when it comes to family outings and certain tourism locations.  Prospective buyers might want more information about boat insurance and the planning that goes into the process.  Having an experienced team at an agency is important and Colling Insurance Services, Inc. is proud to be there to answer your questions about boat insurance.  Serving the Lakewood, CO area, the agency offers numerous other types of insurance and our friendly staff is available to walk you through some options.

Colling Insurance Services, Inc. has an experienced staff that is available to discuss your new boat purchase for insurance planning purposes.  Other considerations could include the following:

  • Storage and winterizing may be a few considerations with boat ownership.
  • Options for storage areas have been improving and many new places are now available at the site location or near the more common boating areas.
  • Insurance planning can be helpful with the process of determining the size and options of a boat that may be best for you.
  • The trailer size is something you will want to know for storage rentals.  It can be helpful to have an experienced insurance agency available to discuss some of these options with boat ownership, storage, and insurance.

Lakewood, CO is a wonderful place to own a boat and enjoy the tourism areas available to people who want to be out on the water.  Colling Insurance Services, Inc. offers insurance for owners and is experienced going through the process with those purchasing a new boat.  You can call us once you decide on the make and model of your new boat or correspond with us when reviewing your options.  Contact our staff with any questions or visit our office to discuss your new amazing purchase.


When should someone get umbrella insurance?

To ensure that you will be able to withstand any type of accident that you are responsible for, having liability insurance is very important. Most people in the Lakewood, CO area will have some level of liability coverage through their home and auto policies. However, there are situations when someone should also get an additional umbrella insurance policy, which will give additional liability coverage.

You Want More Coverage

One situation in which someone in the Lakewood, CO area may want to have umbrella insurance coverage is if they want additional liability coverage. While you can get a good amount of coverage through your home and auto policies, it may not be enough to cover you for all accidents. If you are concerned about being involved in an accident that could cause even more damage, you should get umbrella insurance as it will give you additional coverage on top of the base policy.

Other Liability Risks

Getting umbrella insurance is also a good idea if you are at risk for liability claims that fall outside of home and auto insurance. If you work in a profession or have a hobby that comes with some liability risk, getting the umbrella insurance policy will be helpful. This type of insurance will give you coverage for situations that may not be covered by your home and auto policies.

If you believe that getting more liability protection through an umbrella insurance policy is right for you and your situation, you should contact the insurance professionals at Colling Insurance Services Inc. When you reach out to the insurance professionals at Colling Insurance Services Inc. you will learn more about how this type of liability coverage can protect you. They can then help you figure out how much coverage you need to make sure that you have an appropriate level of coverage for your situation. 

Understanding the Different Types of Life Insurance

The main advantage of a life insurance policy is, of course, its death benefit. This feature protects our families in the event that a breadwinner or caretaker dies unexpectedly leaving a family behind. But did you know that there are also life insurance policy types that provide living benefits as well? If you are looking for a way to meet major financial obligations than it’s time to take a look at whole life, universal, and variable life. Term life is a good option for families and individuals looking to cover their estate and funeral costs and is the appropriate choice in many situations. The team at Colling Insurance Services Inc. wants the greater Lakewood, CO community to know about all of the different types of life insurance in order to help them determine which is the right fit for their needs.

Different Types of Life Insurance

  • Term – this is the most basic type of life insurance and offers a death benefit equal to the policy level typically over a term of up to 30 years. There are no additional benefits.
  • Whole life – offers a death benefit as well as a cash value that can be accessed during life. Earns interest over the life of the policy at a rate established at the time of the policy purchase.
  • Variable life – can increase at a rate determined by the insurance company, however, there is no guaranteed policy cash value.

Is it time for you to consider life insurance with more features than just a death benefit? The helpful agents at Colling Insurance Services Inc. are here to guide residents in the greater Lakewood, CO area in their quest to find the right policy for their needs. Call or stop by today!

When is the best time to buy long term care insurance?

If you plan on retiring in Lakewood, CO, you may be looking at your options already. Many people have heard of long term care insurance, but don’t know a lot about it. If you have questions, our agents at Colling Insurance Services Inc. can help.

Why Get Long Term Care Insurance? 

You may be hoping to leave some of your assets to loved ones or continue to use the money yourself. Long term care insurance provides a way to protect those assets. You can get care where you want without risking all of your own money. 

When Should I Purchase My Long Term Care Policy? 

As with other kinds of insurance, you can save money by getting a policy as early as possible. Your premiums will be less every month if you take advantage as soon as possible. 

Another important consideration is that about two out of five individuals who need long term care are working adults between the ages of 18 and 64. Long term care doesn’t just help older people; it can help in other situations when you end up needing long term care. Most people think they won’t need help until they are older, but due to illness or accidents, sometimes they need help earlier. 

It’s Never Too Early 

When you purchase your long term care insurance through Colling Insurance Services Inc., we will help you choose the best features to fit your needs and help you look for any eligible discounts. If you live around Lakewood, CO and are thinking about purchasing long term care insurance for yourself or a loved one, please feel free to call today. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Prescriptions?

Health insurance does a great deal to make sure you are healthy and that you are able to pay for medical expenses. Health insurance pays a part of most medical procedures and even pays in full for a range of visits as well. It is important that you know what your health insurance coverage is. For those in the Lakewood, CO area, the agents with Colling Insurance Services Inc. can help you find the best insurance coverage possible.

Health insurance covers a huge range of things, including prescriptions in some cases. Though your insurance might not cover your prescriptions fully, there is a huge range of policies that do help reduce the cost of your prescriptions. In most cases, insurance will cover a portion of your prescription cost and it may pay fully for some prescriptions. It is always helpful to take the time to speak with an agent to find out what your policy covers, and what you might need to change about your coverage. You can get some insurance plans that are specifically made to help cover more on prescriptions and to help make prescriptions even more affordable.

Health insurance is vital and you do have to be covered under law but it also does help to make taking your medications a bit more affordable. Insurance can make a big difference in how easy it is for you to afford your medications and to start to get better or healthier. Insurance can make a big difference in the cost of your medical treatment and knowing what your coverage is going to do for you. For those that live in the Lakewood, CO area, the agents with Colling Insurance Services Inc. can help you to get the best prescription coverage for your needs.


Dental Insurance FAQ

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile with bright teeth, and the best way to get and maintain that smile is to visit your Lakewood, CO dentist regularly. Before you go, you may have some questions about your Colling Insurance Services, Inc. Dental insurance policy. Here are the three most common questions about dental insurance. 

Is a dental discount plan the same as a dental insurance plan? No. A dental discount plan is like a membership club where you pay a fee and receive a discount. The plan does not reimburse your Lakewood, CO dentist. A dental insurance plan is an actual insurance – after meeting any deductibles and co-pays, the insurance company reimburses the dentist for their costs. 

Are routine checkups and cleanings covered by dental insurance? Yes. Most dental insurance plans cover routine exams, cleanings, X-rays, and any other preventive dental care you will need in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Some may cover everything without going out-of-pocket, but others may require a copay for the services. One of the main perks of having dental insurance is that by getting regular checkups and cleanings you can reduce the risk of having more serious problems later.  

Does dental insurance cover more serious dental needs? Yes. Most dental insurance policies cover fillings, extractions, and root canals if needed. Which services are or aren’t covered as well as how much your insurance policy will pay can vary a lot from plan to plan. In order to ensure your dental needs are covered, check the fine print in your policy before you purchase a dental insurance plan. 

Not sure which dental insurance plan is right for you? Call Colling Insurance Services, Inc. today for help getting the perfect policy for your unique needs. 

What to Do When You are Involved in an Out-of-State RV Accident

The area around Lakewood, CO is excellent for exploring in your RV. When you’re ready to take your friends and family on an out-of-state trip, however, preparation is the best way to ensure you can make it home safely. Keep these tips from Colling Insurance Services Inc. Handy in case you find yourself in an RV accident when you aren’t at home.

Keep Your Insurance Information Close

The tendency for many RV enthusiasts is to lock all of their important documents away. This reduces the chance of losing your papers in a theft. However, it’s important to keep your insurance card in an easy to reach the place. That way, you’ll be able to produce your documents on demand.

Buy Disposable Cameras

In an accident, pictures are often the only way to prove your claim. Your cellphone is a great tool for taking pictures after an accident. However, you don’t want to risk having a full memory card or low battery when you need it most. Keep a couple of disposable cameras in your RV to ensure you can get all the visual evidence you need.

Contact Local Authorities

Each municipality has different rules for auto accidents. Some require law enforcement involvement for all moving vehicle accidents. Call the non-emergency number for the city or county in which your accident occurs right away. This gives them a chance to add their official documentation to your claim.

Contact Your Colorado Medical Team

If anyone in your party needs medical attention, seek help right away. When it is convenient, make sure to give your regular doctor a call. They may have insights that help your out-of-town team deliver the best possible care.

Colling Insurance Services Inc. carries RV policies for residents in the Centennial, CO area. Contact us for more tips to help you navigate an out-of-town RV accident.

What Is Covered In A Toy Insurance Policy?

When you live in Lakewood, CO, you may have all sorts of toys to play with. from snowmobiles in the winter to pontoon boats in the summer, the list of toys that you may have can go on and on.

At Colling Insurance Services, Inc., we’re committed to showing you how to protect everything that you love.

What toys are covered?

The toys that adults have can be expensive. Whether you go off-roading, spend time out on the water, or enjoy driving around town in an antique car, these can all be categorized as toys. Since these cost considerably more than the toys that your kids have, you want to protect them in any way possible. After all, if they get wrecked or stolen, you don’t want to have to pay full price in order to replace them. 

This is when it can be advantageous to look into toy insurance.

What are the coverage options?

There are plenty of ways that you can cover all of the toys that you have. Each time you add a toy to your collection, you can update your insurance policy to encompass them. Various riders can be added so that you have the ability to file a claim if they get damaged, stolen, or even vandalized.

By working with an independent insurance agent, you can learn about the different ways to cover your toys so that you can enjoy greater peace of mind throughout the year. Your home insurance policy may not cover some of the more expensive toys that you have, even though they are parked on your premises. As such, finding out about toy insurance can be the financial protection that you need.

Contact us at Colling Insurance Services, Inc. today to learn more about getting a toy insurance policy to protect all of your toys in Lakewood, CO. 

Choosing Boat Insurance In Lakewood, CO

Owning a boat can really be fun, but you also want to make sure you take care of it properly. Maintenance is going to be needed and insuring it should also be a consideration. When you have proper insurance on your boat, you have the peace of mind you need to have fun on the water. Colling Insurance Services Inc. serves the Lakewood, CO area, and can help you get the coverage you need to protect your boat. Here is what you need to know about choosing boat insurance.

Know the Coverage Limits You Need to Have

State requirements for minimum insurance limits vary. When you plan to buy your boat insurance, make sure you are meeting at least minimum requirements. Then you can decide if you want to have coverage beyond that, or if the minimum coverage requirements will be enough for you. Both options are acceptable, and it comes down to what really matters to you the most.

Work With an Agent You Trust to Help You

By working with a trusted agent in the Lakewood, CO area, you can get the help and guidance you need in order to purchase the right boat insurance policy. There are different companies that offer this insurance, and having the protection you feel good about and that covers your boat adequately is the main goal. Some companies may provide higher levels of coverage than others.

Consider Additional Protection Options

When you reach out to Colling Insurance Services Inc. you get the opportunity to ask your agent whether there are additional coverage options that might work for you. Choosing the minimum coverage may not make you feel comfortable or give you peace of mind. Because of that, you may want to increase your coverage beyond minimum requirements. Reach out to us today, and see what we can offer you.

What Policy Types Can I Add Umbrella Insurance To?

What Policy Types Can I Add Umbrella Insurance To?

At Colling Insurance Services Inc. of Lakewood, CO, we want you to have the coverage you need to protect your assets. Umbrella insurance does this. This blog explains adding umbrella insurance to a homeowners’ insurance policy, a commercial policy and an auto or recreational vehicle policy.

An umbrella policy is a secondary insurance policy that you add to an existing policy. You can add an umbrella policy to a homeowners’ insurance policy, a commercial policy, a recreational vehicle policy, and an auto policy.

It provides excess liability insurance. Most policies only cover a small percentage of the total policy value as to liability insurance. Umbrella insurance provides the coverage you need to pay liability claims. For example, if your neighbor broke their leg at your July 4th barbeque, your homeowners’ insurance liability covers their medical bills. If they experience complications though and must remain hospitalized, you would likely exceed your liability coverage quickly. An umbrella policy kicks in when that liability coverage gets exceeded.

Do not have to purchase an umbrella policy. It’s optional but helpful. It only covers liability – the times when you were at fault and held legally responsible for another party’s damages. It pays for their medical bills, funeral costs, property damage, and other related expenses. It also covers defamation, slander and your attorney fees.

The policy coverage usually starts at about $1 million. The cost for that in premiums is quite small though.

You already have to carry insurance that meets a specific coverage limit before you can add an umbrella policy. It won’t cover your own injuries or your personal property. You also will not be covered for criminal or intentional acts. It does not extend to vehicles not specifically covered by the main and the umbrella policy.

Call or visit Colling Insurance Services, Inc. of Lakewood, CO to learn more about your umbrella options. Protect your assets today.