What Does Toy Insurance Cover?

Toy insurance is a type of protection you secure for recreational vehicles such as golf carts, jet skis, four-wheelers, and more. Owners need protection from liability, accidents, and other covered events to provide them with financial security. Our team of experts at Colling Insurance Services Inc. is proud to provide policies for the residents of Lakewood, CO.

Toy Insurance Protection

Recreational vehicles are an investment that needs to be protected just like any other asset. It’s also worth noting that toy insurance also offers liability protection. Just like you would secure insurance for a car, you also need insurance for a vehicle or method of transportation. 

Suppose you want to learn how much toy insurance coverage is necessary for your situation. In that case, you can sit down with one of our knowledgeable insurance agents, who can provide an overview of your options. Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service before, during, and after the policy purchase. We can assist you with submitting the necessary documentation if there are any changes or claims. In addition, we can also provide you with insurance protection for any other insurable assets you own.

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We look forward to providing you with the insurance protection you trust. Individuals living in the Lakewood, CO, area can call or stop by the office of Colling Insurance Services Inc. to speak to one of our knowledgeable agents. We can help you find a policy that matches your needs,  so schedule a consultation to learn more about toy insurance and the items it covers. Don’t wait to get the protection you need to protect your assets. Get top-quality insurance coverage that’s reliable and gives you peace of mind.

Who would benefit from boat insurance?

Most people are familiar with the concept of health insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance. It’s true that those are the most well-known types of insurance, but there are many other types that cover other things such as ATVs, valuable collector’s items, and boats, among many others. We are here today to talk about boat insurance and who benefits most from having boat insurance.

What is boat insurance?

Before we talk about the types of people who benefit from boat insurance, we first need to talk about what boat insurance is. Boat insurance coverage varies between different insurance companies. There are a number of different types of boat insurance coverage. These include the following:

  • Physical damages and liability

  • Personal property

  • Emergency towing and assistance

  • Medical payments

  • Uninsured or underinsured boater coverage

Who would benefit from boat insurance?

A boat insurance policy would be a smart idea for you if you own a boat or yacht and you use it frequently. A wide variety of policies and coverage options are available when it comes to insurance policies. In order to determine what boat insurance plan will be suitable for you, you should carefully review the policies offered by your insurance company before deciding on one.

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There are many different factors that play into deciding if boat insurance is right for you and what policy ideally suits your needs. Unlike other types of insurance, boat insurance is very different from other insurance companies. If you own a boat and wish to have it insured, give us a call or visit us at Colling Insurance Services Inc. in Lakewood, CO.

Umbrella Insurance Is Added Protection

Do you ever wonder if you have sufficient liability insurance in the event of a lawsuit? Colling Insurance Services Inc. can help you become financially secure with this coverage. All you need to do is contact our office in the Lakewood, CO area.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance coverage protects you against a financial disaster due to certain types of events that could lead to injury or property damage for which the policyholder is held liable.

Those who have worked diligently to build significant assets and wealth need this coverage. Why? If you are in a car accident in which you are held liable, will the limits of your liability coverage be enough to settle a lawsuit? With a $100,000 liability limit and a demand for a $1 million settlement, you would be short $900,000.

To settle this lawsuit, your home, any assets you have, or even your business could be at risk.

Simply put, umbrella insurance is excess liability coverage beyond the limits outlined in your homeowners, car, or watercraft insurance policies. It is for costly situations where medical expenses or repairs exceed the limits of these policies. Think of it as “asset” protection against a lawsuit.

Umbrella insurance also covers you for incidents such as slander or defamation lawsuits that other policies do not cover. Usually, all household members are also covered by the umbrella policy.

There is other coverage that is not found in standard homeowners or car insurance policies. For example, detention, false arrest, imprisonment, malicious prosecution, wrongful entry, and invasion of privacy are also covered.

So, contact the pros at Colling Insurance Services Inc. today if you want the added liability protection an umbrella insurance policy can provide. They will give you a no-obligation quote or answers to any questions you may have.

Update Your Life Insurance for the New Year

The new year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s also an excellent time to look closely at your life insurance policy and ensure it still meets your needs in Lakewood, CO. Here are three good reasons to upgrade your life insurance for the new year.

Starting a Family

Congratulations! Now for the financial aspects of parenthood. Along with all the joy and excitement of starting a family, there’s also an increased financial responsibility. Make sure your life insurance policy is up to date so that your loved ones are taken care of financially if something happens to you. Your Colling Insurance Services Inc. representative can help you find the right coverage.

Getting Married

Suppose you’re getting married in the new year; congratulations! Getting married is a big step, both emotionally and financially. As you enter this new phase of your life, ensuring that your life insurance coverage is adequate is vital. It’s important to ensure your partner has enough financial protection if something happens to you.

Starting a Business

Starting a business is an enormous accomplishment. As you set your business goals for the new year, don’t forget to update your life insurance policy. If something happens to you, your loved ones will be taken care of financially.

The new year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s also an excellent time to look closely at your life insurance policy and ensure it still meets your needs. Whether starting a family, getting married, or starting a business, it’s essential to have an up-to-date life insurance policy to care for your loved ones financially if something happens to you in Lakewood, CO.

Contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. for all your life insurance needs. We can help you find the right policy to meet your changing needs.

What is Long-term Care Insurance and What Types of Things Does it Cover?

Long-term care insurance is becoming more and more popular in the United States. If you have never heard of this insurance product before, you may have many questions about it, including what it is, what it covers, and why it is beneficial. Here at Colling Insurance Services Inc., serving the residents of Lakewood, CO, we offer long-term care insurance. Read along as we answer a few frequently asked questions about this product. 

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance? 

Long-term care insurance is an insurance product that helps to cover the costs associated with long-term care. You may need long-term care if you are involved in an accident and become disabled or have a chronic medical condition. 

What Are the Benefits of Long-term Care Insurance? 

Your insurance may not cover any or all of the costs associated with long-term care. This can leave you in a predicament if you need long-term care. This policy helps ensure you get the care you need without having to pay out of pocket for your long-term care expenses. 

Why is Long-term Care Insurance Becoming Popular? 

Long-term care can be pricey and often not covered by health insurance policies. Nursing homes, skilled nursing care facilities, or in-home care can add up quickly. As people continue to live longer, long-term care is only increasing, so insurance helps provide you with the care you may need. 

Suppose you are in the market for a long-term care insurance policy or are interested in learning more about this insurance product. In that case, the team at Colling Insurance Services Inc., serving the greater Lakewood, CO area, is here to assist you. Reach out to us today with your questions or to obtain a quote for a new policy. 

Questions you should ask before choosing your health insurance coverage

Trying to figure out what health insurance offers the best value for money can be so stressful that many people keep the same from year to year. It is more accessible but not always right. At Colling Insurance Services Inc. in Lakewood, CO, we have an experienced team who will work with you to ensure your decision is the best option.  

Is my doctor in the network?

If you have a preferred doctor or another medical professional, it is important to know that you can continue to get your health care from them. Every doctor is not in every network, so make sure your favorite is in your chosen network. 

What is the yearly deductible?

The yearly deductible is the amount you will need to pay out of pocket before your medical services are covered. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium, but if your insurance never pays for anything, that isn’t the best option. 

Does my policy have prescription coverage?

Most health insurance includes prescription coverage but double-checking it is always wiser. You also want to know that your prescriptions are covered and how much it will cost to refill them. 

Do I have dental and vision coverage?

This is vital to know, and if you don’t have it, do you want to add that coverage through another policy? Sometimes, another policy is the better option. 

Can I see providers outside of the network?

With managed care, this is a legitimate question. With an HMO, the answer is no. If you are getting a PPO or POS, you will pay more. 

In Lakewood, CO, you can count on Colling Insurance Services Inc. to provide the most choices in health carriers and good advice on what’s best for you.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover and Not Cover?

Whether you have a dental insurance plan or just shopping for one in Lakewood, CO, it’s crucial to know what it covers before you go.

At Colling Insurance Services Inc., most dental plans cover routine maintenance. This may include cleanings or exams; preventive care, including X-rays and fluoride treatments; some orthodontics and periodontal procedures; treatment for accidents; root canals and extractions (pulling teeth) if needed to prevent infection—all at no cost or a nominal fee. Dental insurance coverage varies depending on your plan and insurer. While some plans offer more range than others, most plans cover at least one routine checkup yearly and regular cleanings every six months.

Dental insurance doesn’t cover everything. Unless they’re medically necessary, your plan won’t cover cosmetic dentistry like whitening or veneers. Some plans do not cover braces, while others will only pay up to a certain amount per year, which could be more than $1,000 per year, depending on your child’s orthodontic needs.

Dental insurance is a wise investment. Having dental insurance can help you maintain a healthy, bright smile. Plan-specific factors affect dental coverage. Dental coverage varies by policy and company, so read the fine print. However, they all aim to provide affordable access to high-quality dental care. 

Remember This 

Including dental insurance in your overall health plan, not just for emergencies, is the key to maintaining excellent oral health. Dental insurance doesn’t replace regular checkups or good oral hygiene. Before receiving coverage, most plans require patients to visit the dentist twice a year. Let our dental insurance specialists at Colling Insurance Services Inc., located in Lakewood, CO, guide you through the right insurance policy for you and your family.

How To Find the Right Commercial Insurance for Your Business

When it comes to running a business, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. From product development and marketing to sales and customer service, there’s much to stay on top of. And one of the most important things to think about is commercial insurance. Commercial insurance protects businesses from liability in an accident or injury. But with so many different types of coverage available, how do you know which one is right for your business? Here’s a quick guide to finding the right commercial insurance for your business.

1. Understand Your State’s Insurance Requirements

Every state has different insurance requirements for businesses. So, the first step in finding the right commercial insurance is understanding what your state requires. Some states require companies to carry a certain amount of liability coverage, while others don’t have any specific requirements. Once you know what your state requires, you can start shopping around for a policy that at least meets those requirements.

2. Determine What Type of Coverage You Need

There are many different types of commercial insurance coverage available. Some common types of coverage include property damage, liability, workers’ compensation, and product liability. Depending on your business type, you may need one or more of these types of coverage. For example, if you have a lot of employees, you may need to carry workers’ compensation insurance. And if you sell products, you’ll need product liability insurance. Once you know what coverage you need, you can start shopping around for a policy that meets your needs.

3. Get Quotes from Multiple Insurers

Once you know what you need, it’s time to start shopping around for a policy. The best way to find a policy that meets your needs and budget is to get quotes from multiple insurers. When you request a quote, provide the same information to each insurer so that you compare apples to apples. And don’t forget to ask about discounts.

4. Read the Policy Carefully

Once you’ve found a commercial insurance policy you’re interested in, it’s essential to read it carefully. This will help you understand what’s covered and what’s not. And it will also help you ensure you’re comfortable with the coverage limits.

5. Work with an Insurance Agent

If you’re having trouble finding the right commercial insurance policy for your business in Lakewood, CO, you may want to work with an insurance agent. Insurance agents are familiar with the different types of coverage available and can help you find a policy that meets your needs.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping for commercial insurance. By following these tips, you can be sure that you’re getting the right coverage for your business. Colling Insurance Services Inc is here to help with any questions about finding the right commercial insurance for your business. Give us a call today to learn more.

How Colorado’s Worker’s Compensation Laws Affect Small Businesses

Small businesses in Colorado must comply with the state’s workers’ compensation laws. These laws provide specific protections for employees who are injured or become ill due to their job. Colling Insurance Services, Inc. understands Colorado’s workers’ compensation laws are complex, so we’re here to help small business owners in Lakewood, CO become familiar with them before they open their doors.

How does workers’ compensation insurance work in Colorado?

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to help cover the costs of medical treatment and lost wages for employees. In Colorado, small businesses must have workers’ comp insurance when they have one or more employees. Most business owners in Colorado purchase workers’ compensation insurance through a commercial insurer or the state-sponsored Workers’ Compensation Insurance Pool. Large employers may self-insure their workers’ compensation risks by obtaining approval from the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Colorado Workers’ Compensation Benefits

  • Workers’ compensation insurance pays for medical benefits for injured workers. These benefits include:

  • Payment of medical bills related to the injury

  • Reimbursement for travel expenses related to treatment

  • Vocational rehabilitation

In addition, workers’ compensation insurance pays benefits for lost wages for employees who cannot work because of their injuries. The wage replacement benefits are based on a percentage of the employee’s pre-injury earnings.

What are the penalties for not having Colorado workers’ comp insurance?

You could be fined up to $500 per day if caught without insurance. If an employee is injured while uninsured, you will be liable for the entire claim plus a 25% penalty fine. You may also be subject to civil and criminal penalties. The local government might shut down your business until you comply with the law.

Colling Insurance Services Inc. in Lakewood, CO, offers workers’ comp insurance to protect you and your employees. We have the experience and knowledge to help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Call us today to learn more about our workers’ comp insurance options.

Toy Insurance is Ideal for Families as well as Toy Collectors

Toy insurance is one of the more niche insurance products on the market. It is also one of the insurance products available that can provide consumers with immense value. Ask anyone in Lakewood, CO who has toy insurance, and they will tell you it gives a tremendous sense of peace, calm, and confidence in their expensive toys. The Colling Insurance Services Inc. team understands this and continues to educate customers on the value of toy insurance as a whole.

What is Toy Insurance

The concept of toy insurance is to protect the most valuable toys you own as a family. Think about toys such as collectible or rare toys, one-of-a-kind items, and more. Think about big toys such as golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles. All of these recreational things, or rare toy collectibles, carry a high value. Toy insurance provides protection so that if one of them suffered from a loss or saw the damage, there would be a way to recoup that.

Coverage Options

With toy insurance, you have a variety of coverage options you can include in the policy. Toy insurance can consist of collision coverage and comprehensive and liability coverage. It is important to work with your insurance agent to understand all the different coverage options and what you need to cover. As part of this process, you can better be in a position to buy the right toy insurance policy for you.

Deciding whether insurance is worth the event of a Lakewood, CO customer is unique. It is up to you to make that determination, and the Colling Insurance Services Inc. team can help get you there.