How Umbrella Insurance Financially Protects You

Expand Your Insurance Coverage with Umbrella Insurance

Having home and auto insurance may not guarantee ample protection for your home and vehicle. A comprehensive safeguard involves adding an umbrella insurance policy to your insurance suite. At Colling Insurance Services, Inc., located in Lakewood, CO, we provide a broad spectrum of umbrella policies tailored to shield you from potential financial risks.

Necessity for Additional Liability Coverage

Most home and auto policies offer diverse types of coverage. Surprisingly, insurance policyholders often overlook liability protection, which covers medical costs or other expenses in case of an accident in your home or vehicle. A common problem is that most policies don’t sufficiently provision for this coverage. Insufficient liability protection could impose severe financial burdens in case of severe accidents. An umbrella policy bridges this gap by extending additional liability coverage for auto and home insurance policies.

Workings of an Umbrella Insurance

In case of an accident for which you are liable, your auto or home insurance covers the cost and pays the bills. However, upon maxing out the policy payout, you’re liable for the remaining bills. That’s where umbrella insurance intervenes. It covers all extra costs that you would otherwise incur. This role significantly insulates you from expensive medical costs, which can abundantly save you money.

Buying Umbrella Insurance

In addition to your existing home and vehicle policies, you can acquire umbrella insurance for more comprehensive coverage. Let Colling Insurance Services, Inc. in Lakewood, CO, guide you in adding an umbrella insurance policy to your repertoire. Call us today and reap the benefits of fully-fledged insurance coverage.