An Electric Transformer Explodes on the Utility Pole Near Your House – What happens next?

When an electric transformer overheats it can explode. This is a terrifying thing when it happens because it sounds like a bomb went off. The power of these explosions can break the windows of the nearby homes and even sometimes the glass of the vehicles parked close by.

This event can also send excessive electrical energy to the nearby homes that may destroy electronic equipment plus any other things plugged into an electrical outlet and cause an electrical fire in the home. Sometimes a fire runs down the wire from the power pole to the house and this causes a fire.

Because of the electrical equipment malfunction, your house is set on fire.
Who is responsible? Sometimes there is shared liability for the damages. Perhaps the transformer exploded due to a manufacturing defect and the manufacturer is responsible. Perhaps the electrical power company is responsible. Liability might be partially shared by both companies.

On the other hand, the severe weather we sometimes have in Lakewood, CO, especially during winter, may be what caused the transformer to explode. Even something as strange as Space Weather can cause this. It is possible for a Coronal Mass Ejection, which is a powerful blast of energy that comes from the Sun, to cause damage to electrical transformers on Earth. While these events are rare there is serious concern about them. 

The specific circumstances of such an accident are always different. This is why, after you call 911 to report the emergency, the next call should be to your agent at Colling Insurance Services Inc. so that they can give you advice about what to do if this happened.

It is always a good idea, at least once per year, to consult with your agent at Colling Insurance Services Inc. in Lakewood, CO to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.