Should I Increase Liability With A Learner’s Permit?

Lakewood, Colorado is a growing metropolitan and has a number of high-end real estate communities. The economy is strong and the city promotes small businesses. Recreational facilities are located throughout and there is also a considerable amount of tourism that comes through the city, both during the summer and winter months.

When there’s a learners permit in your home, you have to look at the coverage on your car insurance. If you used to have the minimum for the state of Colorado, you may want to consider increasing the liability for both personal injury as well as property damage.

A new driver is still learning. They may know the rules of the road, but they are inexperienced and they haven’t developed fast reaction times yet. They are at a greater risk for being involved in an accident. There is a good chance that the accident is going to cost a lot of money.

By increasing the liability coverage on car insurance, the insurance company would pay for the damages and hospital bills instead of coming back to you. If you’re only covered for $25,000 worth of property damage and the accident results in $50,000, you would be responsible for the remainder – and that’s a lot of money.

By working with agents, you can make sure your learner’s permit in Lakewood is properly protected. If there is an accident, the coverage is in place so it doesn’t end up costing you a lot of money. You should be able to pay just the deductible and let the insurance company take care of the rest.

Determining how much to increase the liability to can depend on the driver as well as your budget. Call and talk to one of our agents today and let us help you get a policy you can rely on.