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Tips on Driving Safely With a Pet in the Car

With the holiday season just around the corner, many people are starting to plan road trips. While traveling during the holidays can be a lot of fun, there are a number of stressful situations that can arise. If you are going to be traveling the roadways in and around the Lakewood, CO with your pet, there are some things that you will need to do to make this commute a bit safer. Read below to find out how to avoid being distracted when trying to navigate the highways this holiday season with your furry family member.

Invest in a Quality Crate

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of distraction that comes with traveling with your pet is by investing in a crash tested crate. With all of the different pet crate options out there, you will need to invest some time into finding the right one. Generally, crates that are built from materials like aluminum and plastic are preferred due to the durability they have to offer. Make sure the crate you purchase has a good bit of insulation to help keep your pet comfortable during the commute.

Bring Along the Essentials

When traveling with your pet, you will need to plan on bringing the essential items they need for a smooth trip. Things like a collapsible dog bowl and plenty of toys can help you get through this trip with ease. The last thing any Lakewood, CO pet owner wants is to have their dog or cat unhappy during a trip due to negligence on their part. There are several pet travel products, like ramps that make it easier for your dog or cat to get in and out of the vehicle, which can be purchased from local pet suppliers.

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Stay Safe from Fender Bender Fraud in Lakewood, Colorado

If you happen to get into a fender bender in Lakewood, Colorado, the process of dealing with it is the same as it would be anywhere. Those involved should exchange insurance company information and turn it over to brokers like Colling Insurance Services, Inc. who serves the greater Lakewood, Colorado area, to handle. However, sometimes these fender benders turn into very costly lawsuits, better known as fender bender fraud, where people involved pretend to be more injured than they really are and sue the other driver or insurance company. To help prevent this from occurring in the first place, you should do the following things if you are in a fender bender in Lakewood, or anywhere else.


By doing this you will usually get an honest response that will hold up in court. So if that driver says they are OK and then later claims to have been injured, there’s a good chance that they are lying and it won’t hold up in court.


Take as many photos and videos as you can of the scene right after it happens, so that you can present them in court if necessary. As you and the other driver will be biased if you are facing off in a lawsuit, these images will speak the truth more than either of you ever could and it will be pretty clear that the other person is lying.


While this may not seem necessary for a very small accident, having the police there will create a number of people who are impartial third parties who will be able to testify in court. They will also be able to draw up a report that will represent what they saw happened, not just what one driver says happened.

Premium Gas vs Regular: Understanding the Difference and Its Value to Your Car

When it comes to saving money on car expenses, many people overlook the advantage of using premium gas. Unfortunately, a large number of these people drive vehicles that give the manufacturer recommendation to use higher premium fuel, which can lead to costly repairs. Here’s a quick look at three tips you can follow to help ensure you’re doing the right thing at the pump.

Does your car recommend the use of premium gas?

Have a car that doesn’t recommend premium gas? If so, you can go ahead and use regular gas. Even if you use premium, it’s not going to do your car any favors. In fact, all it’s going to do is put a dent in your fuel funds. However, for those cars that do recommend premium gas, it is essential that you follow this suggestion. If you don’t, the car’s engine won’t run at its optimal capability of performance.

Did you invest in a premium engine?

If your car has an engine with a turbo charger and/or other high performance products added to it, you will need to fill it with premium fuel. These products don’t necessarily need premium fuel to function properly, but they do need it to function at their highest level of performance.

How old is the car?

Have an older car that is experiencing engine knock? If so, fill it up with premium for about a week or two and see if it helps. This is an excellent way to clear up engine knocking without investing in unnecessary repairs.

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Don’t Be a Victim! How to Avoid Fender Bender Fraud

Getting into an auto accident can be frightening. However, there are many people out there who make it their business to target certain drivers and coerce them into being involved in a fender bender. They are highly financially motivated and often target certain vehicles, the young, or seniors. Here are a few things to know to help protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Don’t Immediately Claim Responsibility

In the heat of the moment after an accident, it can be very easy to blurt out that you may have been responsible. Be very careful not to do this. Some individuals may see this as a payday, claiming overinflated damages simply because you’ve immediately taken the blame. Sometimes, what seems like an accident that you caused may not even fully be your fault. Watch what you say and let the insurance company determine who is at fault.

Write Down Account of Your Side Immediately After It Happened

Another method to help avoid getting wrapped up in fender bender fraud is to write down a statement of what happened in the crash as soon as you can after it is over. The truth never changes, and by having a firm written account of what took place, you can easily prove your innocence if a fraudulent or over-inflated claim arises. Also, if the police are willing to come out to take a report, be sure to get a physical copy for your records.

Remember to Exchange Information and Take Photos

One of the easiest ways to become a victim of a fraudster is by either forgetting to exchange information or just downright failing to do so. People often believe that because there is no damage or the incident was small, there’s no need to find out about the other driver. This is false!

It some cases, failure to do so can lead to a bigger incident down the road if the other party got your tag number, files a large claim, and then tries to blame the damage on you. Thus, it is important to be extra cautious and get as much information about everyone in the other vehicle anytime a collision occurs—including to take any photos of their vehicle to prove there was no damage.

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Quick Tips to Boosting Fuel Economy

Boosting your vehicle’s fuel economy doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out process. There are body modifications you can make, but this takes time and money. At Colling Insurance Services Inc. we believe some of the best service should occur quickly. So, whether shopping for auto insurance in Lakewood, CO or you want to boost your fuel economy before a big road trip, we are here to help. 

Tire Pressure

Quickly boosting your fuel economy often starts with your tires. Over time, your tires will lose air pressure, especially as the temperatures start to fluctuate. Check your tire pressure every few weeks and before a long road trip, then fill the tires back up accordingly. This will help boost your fuel efficiency while keeping you safe as well. 

Don’t Fill All The Way Up

When you stop for gas, chances are you fill the tank all the way up. Did you know this actually reduces your fuel economy? The heavier your vehicle, the lower the fuel economy. Most vehicles have a larger tank, so if you have a 20-gallon tank, filling it up to 10 gallons will save you 60 pounds in weight. This will stretch your price per gallon further. It also gives you a nice chance to stretch and stop if you are on a road trip. 

AC vs. Window

This is a debate many people look at when it comes to fuel economy. Which is better and how can it boost your fuel dollar. In general, rolling your window down in the city is the best course of action. Depending on the kind of vehicle you have, rolling the window down causes some drag, which burns up more fuel. Due to this, use windows in the city and switch to AC while on the highway.

What To Do When You Witness A Car Accident

Witnessing a car accident can be extremely difficult. You don’t want to be one of those drivers that simply drives-by, assuming that everything is okay. The people within the cars may not have been able to call for help, and everyone is assuming that someone else is going to call. Follow a few steps, and you can help everyone involved.

Step 1: Call 911

Even before you pull over, call 911 if you have a hands free element in your car. This ensures that help is on the way. Otherwise, place the call once you have secured your own car.

Step 2: Pull Over

Regardless of where the accident is, including in the middle of the road, pull off on the shoulder of the road. Turn on your hazard lights and be sure you are at least 100 feet away from the accident.

Step 3: Check on Victims

Check on the victims in all of the cars. Some may be unable to get out because of the metal doors being bent. Some may simply be unable to move. Talk to them and try to calm them down.

Step 4: Stabilize the Cars

If you can, stabilize the cars. This can include everything from putting the car in park, turning off the ignition, and even moving the car out of harm’s way. Do what you can until the police and emergency responders arrive.

Step 5: Leave a Statement

The 911 operator is likely going to ask you to stay on the scene until the police arrive. This is generally to leave a statement as well as to keep the victims comforted. You will be asked about what you witnessed. Others may follow up with you throughout the investigation, so your contact information will be taken down.

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5 Things to Know When Buying a Car as a Present

Buying someone a car as a gift can be one of the most generous things that you can do for the holidays. It can also create a whole lot of problems for the recipient. Here are five tips to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Be Picky. You need to make sure that the car you’re buying is right for the recipient. You’re going to have to be picky. For instance, if you’re buying a used car, make sure that it’s in good condition, or that you’ll be able to fix whatever might be wrong with it.

Let the Dealer Know it’s a Surprise. By letting the dealer know that the car is supposed to be a surprise, you can avoid the embarrassment of them calling the house and spilling the beans that the paperwork has gone through or something.

Get the Insurance Ready. An insurer might not be ready to sign a policy over until the driver is there to put their own name on the dotted line. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have the paperwork for a basic insurance policy all ready to go and the first month already paid for, however. Talk to an independent insurance agent from Colling Insurance Services Inc. and get those ducks in a row.

Take a Test Drive. The main reason to take a test drive: So that you can let the recipient know anything they need to know before they get behind the wheel. Does it have a light touch on the gas? Does it make wide turns? Find out.

Coordinate Your Gifts. Chances are nobody else you know is buying them a car, but with such an expensive gift, you’re better safe than sorry.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Auto Insurance After Your Wedding

Once you get married in Lakewood, there are four things you need to know about your auto insurance policy. Things change as soon as you say “I do”, and this is because there is now another person to take into account with everything – and this includes your insurance policy.

Married Couples Are Safer Drivers – Statistically

Married couples are generally considered safe drivers. They are less likely to get into a car accident and there are various theories about this. It may be that Mary drivers are on the road less, or that they live less risky lives. Regardless of the reason, statistics show that there are fewer accidents amongst married people and therefore discounts are given.

Take Advantage Of Multi-Car Discounts

Two cars on one policy is typically more affordable as well. This is because many insurance companies throughout Colorado provide a multi-car discount. By placing both cars on the same policy, you have the ability to save a significant amount of money on your premium every month.

Share Everything But Not Your Poor Driving History

If you or your spouse are not considered the safest driver, such as one of you have gotten into an accident or have gotten a speeding ticket, it may cause your insurance to go up. This means that in some instances, it can be better for you to both keep your separate policies.

Compare Which Insurance Company Offers The Best Deals For Couples

One of the best things that you can do is talk to an independent insurance agent once you have gotten married to discuss your auto insurance policy. You can learn about what is going to be best in terms of combining policies or keeping them separate.

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Tips for Teens for Driving in Foggy Weather

Teens often get very excited when it comes to getting their driving permit. And while preparing teens for driving in harsh weather can sometimes be difficult, you can’t control the weather. It never hurts to get out and about and practice with them when the weather gets rough. If you’re considering teaching your teen how to drive in the fog, you’ll definitely want to keep the following tips in mind.

Use Windshield Wipers

Fog is moisture in the air, and it will stick to the windshield. This is why you should instruct your teen to always use wipers in the fog. Not only will this help your teen to see better out of the windshield, but it also helps prevent glare from any oncoming traffic. 

Understand How the Lights Work

Many newer cars come standard with daytime running lamps, and while these lights can prove to be of the utmost value during the day and at night, they don’t control a driver’s tail lights. Keeping this in mind, if your teen’s car has daytime running lamps, make sure you tell them that they will need to manually turn on the headlights to ensure the tail lights are lit in the foggy weather. 

Slow Down

The number one tip your teen needs to be following is to slow down in foggy weather. Even if it’s daylight outside, it can be extremely difficult to drive in fog, especially when it blocks the driver’s view from seeing oncoming traffic. If it’s extremely foggy, your teen should be doing well below the speed limit, preferably at least 10 to 20 mph slower than what the speed limit is. 

To learn more about driving in foggy weather, contact Colling Insurance Services Inc. today. 

How to Stay Awake on the Road

When you’re driving in Lakewood, CO or anywhere else, you want to make sure you are as alert as possible. It can be difficult if you have been working long hours or have spent too much time on the road already. The good news is that there are tips to help you stay more alert and focused as you continue to drive.

Approximately 100,000 police reported crashes occur in the United States every year because of people driving while drowsy and it has been estimated that around 37 percent of drivers have fallen asleep at one point or another while driving.

The best thing to do is acknowledge that you are too tired to drive before you even get behind the wheel. Ask someone else to drive or call a taxi to take you to where you need to go. It is much better to spend the money on alternative transportation or be late getting home than to get into an accident that is your fault because you fell asleep while driving.

Follow these tips to be more alert:

  • Don’t drive on the road for more than three hours at a time without stopping
  • Drive with a partner or passenger
  • Sing along to music to keep you more awake and focused

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