Do You Need To Insure A Car You Can’t Drive?

So here’s something worth considering: If you own a car, but you can’t drive it for one reason or another, do you need to insure it? If you’re still doing repair work on it, if your driver’s license isn’t valid, if you need to get new tags before you can get behind the wheel, do you really need insurance?

The short answer is that, legally speaking, you’re only required to carry insurance if you’re going to be out on the road. Nobody’s going to come repo your car if they find out you’re uninsured. You’re not going to go to jail or paying any fines for being an uninsured driver if you’re not even a driver.

But, there are all sorts of risks that come with being uninsured besides getting in trouble with the law over it, and without insurance, those problems are yours and yours alone to worry about.

If a tree gets hit by lightning and falls on your car, if vandals decide to practice their painting skills on your auto, or if someone steals it, you’re left holding the bill for the loss. This is maybe not a big deal if we’re talking about a $500 used car that you’re using for spare parts, but if it’s a car that you are planning on driving again one day, then you need to consider whether or not it’s worth the risk of going with a policy from a provider like Colling Insurance Services Inc.

In any event, insuring a car that you’re not driving can be less expensive than covering a car that you are driving. Ask your provider about a storage protection plan, or just getting "comprehensive only" insurance.