Wheat Ridge CO: Does My Commercial Insurance Cover My Drivers?

Wheat Ridge is a small suburban city less than five miles from Denver, located in the 80033 zip code. Wheat Ridge may be small, but there is plenty to do from our 20 parks for the outdoor lovers to our shopping lovers with our numerous antique shops and our other local shops and stores.

If you own one of those quaint little shops or restaurants or thinking about opening your own, you will need commercial insurance and if you plan to have, your employees do errands for you. You will need a commercial auto policy because your commercial business insurance does not cover drivers.

Business Auto Coverage

  • Liability
  • Physical damage

Categories of Insureds

  • You, the person who’s name is on the policy.
  • Anyone who is driving a vehicle you own and that is covered by your auto insurance, that you give permission to drive the vehicle, called a permissive driver or user.

The insured (named insured being you, because your name is on the policy and you pay the insurance) has the most insurance coverage. This includes the vehicles you have chosen to insure including:

  • All vehicles you own
  • Hired vehicles
  • Rented vehicles

You, the insured have more coverage even if you are not driving the auto, but are a passenger at the time of an accident. You are also protected from your employee suing you because of the accident, even if it was or was not caused by their negligence.

Employees Covered as Permissive Drivers

The majority of permissive drivers are employees driving company owned vehicles. These employees are covered while driving vehicles you own, borrow, or hire. If you rent a car and you’re, name is the only one on the lease and an employee drives that car they are not covered. When renting vehicles you must list everyone who will be or may drive the vehicle while it is in your possession.

If you have any questions about who is covered and who is not in different situations asks your insurance agents at Colling Insurance Services while you are getting your commercial insurance quotes.