Costly Insurance Mistakes

While there are many legitimate ways to save on your monthly insurance bill, there are just as many mistakes that can end up costing you more in the end – especially if the insurance company drops your policy after discovering fraudulent claims. Here are a few of the top mistakes that you should avoid making.

  1. Don’t lie to your insurance agent. While a lower price quote is attractive, intentionally fibbing about changes you’ve made to your car or negative marks on your driving record can cost you a lot in the end. In fact, being untruthful about either justifies the insurance company dropping your policy.
  2. Don’t forget to shop around. Request free quotes from more than one company, and always take the time to compare prices before making a purchase.
  3. Don’t sign without inquiring about discounts. There are many different kinds of discounts, including good student breaks. However, if you don’t ask you probably won’t be offered one.
  4. Always compare price vs. coverage. Sometimes the lowest price is the worst deal you can take because you’ll end up paying out of pocket for anything excluded from your policy, like medical and lawyer fees.
  5. Ask for a multi-policy price cut. Most insurers will discount the final price if you purchase multiple insurance policies at one time.
  6. Look at the big picture vs. the monthly bill. Many insurance companies offer some sort of price cut for a paying for your policy upfront as opposed to smaller monthly payments.

Shopping for an affordable insurance policy doesn’t have to turn into a nightmare, even if you are new to purchasing your own coverage. The most important thing you can do before signing the deal is to carefully read the fine print so you know what you’re really getting into.