Do I need comprehensive, or liability auto insurance for a car that is high mileage?

When do I need comprehensive insurance for a car that has high mileage? Vehicles with high mileage do not hold their value unless it is a classic automobile. However, there are features that you can add to your policy to cover a broken windshield, offer free towing, add hospitalization coverage, and provide a rental car to your policy. This is a good deal and will not cost as much as full comprehensive insurance.

Should I only purchase liability auto insurance for a car that has high mileage? If that is all that you can afford, it is a good deal that will keep you within the boundaries of the law. If you are still making payments on the automobile, the bank may require you to carry comprehensive insurance with a rider that protects their interest in the vehicle. However, if you own the title and do not care what happens to the vehicle. Get liability because of the high mileage! However, be willing to pay the tow bill and other services that are related to the crash. Then, you can start looking for an auto loan and get that newer vehicle. When you need advice on buying a vehicle with high mileage, contact us for a free automobile insurance quote.