Giving Makes Your Community a Better Place

At times everyone needs a little help. Problems beset even those who seem to have so much. Colorado residents with no financial resources, family members or friends, face even more difficulties when bad times strike. Yet, there is always hope.

One reason people in this great state rarely quit is the knowledge that there are others willing to give of their time to help. Society, as a whole, benefits when volunteers give back to their communities.

Following are some ways to make the Lakewood, CO, area a better place through charitable work.

Give to a Food Bank

There are many in Colorado who go to sleep each night without having had a decent meal. A way to help this problem is to gather non-perishable foodstuffs and take them to a food bank. Families and individuals in need will then have enough to sustain them.

Donate Old Clothes

Clothes that may prove too small or a bit worn might be what another needs to wear during a cold winter or hot summer. Take these items to a clothes recycling facility, non-profit thrift store or shelter.

Give Blood

Accident victims and others in need of blood transfusions count on there being an adequate supply on hand. Give blood to ensure that there is always enough available to help those in need.

Adopt a Pet

Buying a pet from a store is a legitimate personal choice; however, there are animals that, for a variety of reasons, have no homes. Help provide them with a loving living environment by adopting from a local animal shelter.

Consider Giving a Form of Insurance and Talk with an Agent

Those who give of their time always feel better about life. They know that just as they help others, someone out there will do the same for them. This sense of security is also possible by purchasing adequate insurance to cover home, family and business.

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