Health Insurance vs. Long-Term Care Coverage

For most Coloradans, health insurance comes to mind when they think about coverage for medical services. However, other kinds of policies can benefit you when an accident or serious illness occurs. One example is long-term care insurance. Let’s look at these two types of coverage and how they differ.

Long-Term Care

People sometimes need long-term care when they develop incurable illnesses, suffer significant injuries, or otherwise become disabled. In addition to various medical services, it includes assistance with things like preparing meals and getting dressed. Services may be provided at your home and a long-term care facility. They usually aren’t covered by regular health plans or Medicare, so LTC insurance is available separately. Many policies cover these services for several years, but some provide coverage regardless of how long you need long-term care.

Health Insurance

Most health plans in the Lakewood, CO, area cover various medical diagnostics, treatments, therapies, and medications. Some plans come with eye or dental benefits, but most insurers offer them as separate policies. Medical insurance generally includes coverage for doctor appointments as well as hospital visits. While a health plan might cover an overnight stay at a hospital, you’ll probably need long-term care insurance if medical services become necessary for an extended period.

Colling Insurance Services, Inc. offers medical and long-term care coverage. Health and LTC plans mostly cover different types of services; when possible, it’s best to have both rather than choosing between them. Our independent agency in Lakewood, CO has served the Denver area for over 65 years. We work with more than ten major insurers to find the ideal solution for each customer. Please call 303-987-3331 for a free quote or more information from Colling Insurance Services, Inc.