How Much Will Getting A Tow Affect Your Insurance?,

If your car has ever broken down in Lakewood, CO and you’ve gotten a tow, you may be wondering if it affects your insurance. This is an understandable concern and one that we at Colling Insurance Services, Inc. take very seriously. In this article, we’ll take a look at how towing affects your premiums.

Getting A Few Tows Is Not A Problem

If you get one or two tows in a year, you’re not likely looking at increased insurance premiums. Most insurance companies are forgiving here and understand that things can happen from time to time. So don’t be afraid to claim an occasional tow on your insurance when necessary. That said, you need to make sure you don’t over do it.

Too Many Tows Can Affect Your Insurance

If you’ve ever heard of somebody’s insurance increasing because of tows, it is probably because they made too many claims. As mentioned above, one or two tows isn’t going to be a problem. An excessive number of tows (think five or six) will alert the insurance company that there is something wrong with your car. As a result, they will raise your premiums.

Illegal Actions Are The Biggest Problem Here

While getting your car towed too many times due to mechanical problems will eventually affect your insurance, tows because of illegal activity will increase it right away. What kind of illegal activities lead to tows?

Parking in a tow zone, failure to pay parking tickets, parking next to a fire hydrant, driving with expired paperwork, or driving while intoxicated all count as illegal activities. Claiming these tows on your insurance will immediately affect your insurance heavily.

As you can see, towing doesn’t automatically or immediately affect your insurance. However, those in Lakewood, CO need to understand that the situations that lead to a tow can be Howevr, those in Lakewood CO need to understand that the situations that lead to a tow can be problematic for their insurance. Please contact us at Colling Insurance Services Inc. to get a better understanding of how to avoid this problem.