How to Obtain a Colorado Insurance License

If you wish to sell insurance in the state of Colorado, you will first need to get a license permitting you to sell various types of insurance. There are several different types of licenses that an insurance agent might need or want to be able to sell a wide range of products such as life, medical, homeowner and auto insurance. Some agents specialize in just one area and only require a single license, while those that cover a broad area often will have two or more licenses.

The first step to getting a Colorado insurance license is to take a pre-license insurance education course. You will learn all of the terminology and other related information and, upon completion of the course, receive a certificate acknowledging that you successfully completed the training.

Next, you will be required to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency of the subject matter by taking and passing a test in the particular line or lines of insurance you wish to sell. If all goes well, you will be issued a license that certifies you as an agent or producer authorized by the state of Colorado to sell one or several different lines of insurance.

There are separate requirements if you are going to sell to both individuals and businesses. For personal lines of insurance, such as selling individual homeowner policies or auto coverage to private citizens, you need one type of license. If you get a license with Property and Casualty authority, you are permitted to sell to both individuals and businesses.

So, if selling insurance in Colorado is going to be your choice of professions, be prepared for some intense study so that you will gain the knowledge and be able to pass the state exam and get your license. Once you have the license, you will need to refine your people skills so you can get them to buy insurance from you.