My home was damaged during a burglary. Will this damage be covered?

Most people know that their homeowners insurance will cover items that are stolen from their home, up to a point, but, what’s a little more uncertain is whether other problems related to the robbery are covered. Burglaries are often violent affairs, with doors or windows being broken in, valuables being smashed and furniture being tossed around in a search for more valuables. It’s natural to wonder if all of this damage will be covered by your homeowners insurance.

The good news is that your homeowners coverage will cover most losses related to a burglary in your home, including items damaged in it. As long as your policy is current, paid for and you have an accurate record of what was in your home, you can probably expect reimbursement, less the deductible, of course. The only thing that would be likely to negate your claim would be if the insurance company somehow found you to be negligent in some way that related to the damage. For example, if you had a makeshift burglar trap that involved a tripwire that dropped your $2,000 television set on the unsuspecting burglar, damages to that television may not be covered.

Every situation is different when it comes to homeowners coverage, so if you have questions, it would be wise to discuss them with an expert. As an independent agent we can answer all of your questions about how to best protect yourself from losses from a burglary or other threats to your home. We can also help you to find the best coverage for your needs and even get you multiple quotes so that you can be sure you’re getting the best price, so call us today!