Do I need to have rental car coverage while I’m on vacation?

Planning a vacation is always exciting, but it does require some consideration for the possible situations that you may face. If you are planning to use a rental vehicle during your trip, it may be important to review your insurance policy to identify the amount of coverage that you already have available before determining if you need additional protection.

Applying Your Policy to the Rental Car

A rental car company may allow you to apply your current auto insurance policy to the vehicle that you are renting, but the details of the situation may vary. Some insurers may only allow you to cover a portion of the rental vehicle under your policy.

Review your plan to identify if you are able to apply the policy to the vehicle or if you must purchase a new plan. Insurers have different options available based on your goals.

Buying Additional Coverage

If you discover that your insurer will not allow you to apply the plan to the vehicle that you are renting, then you may need to purchase a policy that is designed for rental vehicles.

Many companies that offer rental vehicles will have a policy that you can purchase on a per-day basis. Otherwise, you may have options available through your insurer or through policies that are designed to address the needs of men and women who are going on a vacation. The best plan will depend on where you are visiting and the type of vehicle you intend to drive.

Renting a car during your vacation will require some coverage to protect the vehicle and other drivers. Depending on your current policy, it may or may not be possible to apply the plan to the rental vehicle. Contact us to speak to an agent for more details.