Is it legal for my independent child to be covered under my auto insurance policy in Lakewood, CO?

It is legal for your independent child to be covered under your auto insurance policy in Lakewood, Colorado under certain circumstances. Often children, who are working full-time and are considered independent, still live at home. Some children also continue to drive the family vehicles once they are considered independent. Under these circumstances, your children would be covered by your auto policy.

An independent agent can help explain all of the factors you need to consider when looking at your coverage with your auto insurance. Any vehicles that are registered in your name can legally be covered by your insurance plan. Also, people who live in your residence should be covered by your auto insurance policy in Colorado. The main factors when continuing insurance coverage for your children include cost. Younger people tend to pay more for coverage. If your child is still a teenager your policy will cost more. If your children have had accidents or tickets you will also pay more.

It is best to speak with our independent agent to help you determine if you have enough coverage and if you are paying too much for your insurance. We can quickly compare quotes and rates to find Colorado auto insurance plan that will fit the needs of you and your children. When your child is finally ready for his own policy, it will be helpful if he has been continuously covered by automobile insurance.

Saving money on your auto insurance is important. No matter what your circumstances or your unique situation, we can find an auto policy that will cover you and your independent children for an affordable rate. Call us today for your automobile insurance needs